How Should I Train For These Goals?

Vert Jump/Sprints/Endurance + Strength Training

Hey, guys. I’m very new to strength training (played sports ~10 years but lifted weights without a coherent train of thought). I was wondering whether it would be possible to get strong (deadlifting 500 lbs for reps) while maintaining a high level of conditioning for sports. I play ultimate frisbee at d1 college level (100% serious) so I need to be able run for upwards of an hour while maintaining pace and intensity but also have that explosiveness to make a 60 yard run down the field at max speed and then jump 35" into the air to catch the disc over everybody else.

I’m 6’ 9", 210 lbs. Pretty scrawny overall but relatively lean. I would like to get up to around 230-240 lbs with a relatively low bf% (<10%). My body’s essentially a metabolic foundry. I eat ~5000 calories a day and get in the range of 350-400g protein.

Basic compound lifts for reference:
315 dl for reps (8 sets of 3 reps), 365 1RM
275 front squat (3 sets 3 reps [max])

Here’s the program I’ve been following for strength training:

My main question is what sort of cardio would you suggest to achieve my goals? I would imagine some sort of long distance/endurance training on off days seeing as how explosiveness and a higher vert should come from doing heavy squats as well as plyometrics once I get into the VJB training.

Also, how would I achieve a relatively aesthetic body physique throughout my training? Is it possible or should I just focus on achieving my weightlifting/cardio goals and accept the byproducts of my workout routine? Or just bulk up and go on a cut diet/training program when I want to tone down? I have no problem putting on mass [that’s been my initial goal all along], I just think it’d be nice to stay cut throughout my gains. Here’s a fairly recent pic for reference:

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p.s. - i’ve been substituting the trap-bar pulls from a deficit with deadlifts from a deficit because the university gym doesn’t have a trap-bar… also we don’t have chains so i can’t do the free squats with chains… i’m disappointed in my school for this ._. (6 smith machines and 2 squat racks… it’s quite depressing) how much do you think this is going to impact my results? i’ve been thinking about purchasing my own chains but we don’t have any fitness equipment suppliers that i know of here so they’d probably cost an arm and a leg to ship. thoughts?

I’d also like to set a tangible goal to accomplish by the end of the year.

I was thinking 405 lb dl 1RM, 385 FS 1RM, 200 lb DB (2x100) 3RM Bench (currently benching 135 for reps), and a standing vert of 24" (current vert is like 16", i’ve gotten by on height alone thus far). Do these goals seem reasonable given a 5 month time period?


awesome article just posted:

going to start doing a circuit of 20-30 sprints (or however many i can handle not going below 80% HR) over 40-100m distances during morning fasted cardio 3x a week to start and then take it from there. goal would be to complete all 30 sprints in 45 minutes, allowing for ~30s rest between each sprint. i’d eventually progress up to 5 days a week HIIT and try to reduce the time of rest between each sprint with each week of exercise with the goal to get down to 10s between rest, completing the session in 20-25 minutes.

still willing to take any advice anybody has to offer, though.

Trying to gain weight and doing cardio. You should re read the article, you understood nothing.

wasn’t aware that it was referring to cutting for bb alone.
seemed like it was just geared towards staying lean and building muscle at the same time.

guess that doesn’t really imply gaining muscle, though.
is it impossible to gain muscle while working cardio? from everything i’ve read here i’ve never seen something stating that it is. idk, i could be wrong. maybe just not the cardio i’m thinking about…

should i just forfeit my goals and accept the fact that it’s impossible to excel in both?

You want to increase your deadlift to 405 lbs from 365 lbs while doing HIIT 5 days a week?


i’d be fine doing 2-3 if it’s stupid to do 5

i guess the reason there aren’t any articles about excelling in both mass gains and endurance is because it just isn’t possible

Because they are two completely different goals.

Go to beginner section and read the stickies. You need basic knowledge.

Don’t just read either. Understand. It’s obvious you read the articlebut it is also obvious you didn’t understand as you don’t have basic knowledge of weight gain, nutrition, etc