High SHBG on TRT, Frequency?

This is interresting, thanks!

You sure about that 100%? The larger doses of androgens less frequently will spike the hormones higher, suppressing the SHBG harder. I have seen this in repeated labs from men with high SHBG, and less frequent smaller injections have a less suppressive affect.

I’m not referring to those on cycles (AAS) or well above the normal ranges.

My own labs clearly show a less suppressive affect on SHBG when on very small daily dosing vs weekly, because I was using a lower dosage, less androgens. The last time I checked, it was the androgens that suppress the SHBG, not the shot.

Once you reach a steady state, it becomes less about the shot and more about the androgens.

On a side note, I notice your posts come across as, intense, angry and unhinged. There’s no need for it, no reason why discussions can’t be civil.

My pre/after trt bloods were
Shbg (18-54nmol/l) 68/48 it actuallt dropped more than i remembered

Tt (10-38nmol/l) 21.7/31.9
Ft (155-800pmol/l) 257/427

That is with eod for a total of 150mg IM, and morning before injection.
What are these results compared to the ones ypu have in the states?

Before you guys go back and forth maybe one thing to consider is dudes who done only TRT, even if it’s a liberal dose but still 200mg or less per week, vs guy who have done full on cycles and threw on other compounds and high doses.

Maybe guys who went into juicing territories have had their system altered and all that stuff will make a difference.

Just brain storming here as I am thinking about my SHBG results.

Estradiol after was 0.21nmol/l with a ref of <0.15
Not sure what type of test this is, its the only one available privately here.

Only TRT here, but yeah, that is something to consider, but probably will never be known for sure

Annecdotally I was high SHBG for years.

Moving to less frequent injections has brought mine down to upper mid normal.

I feel really good on e4d protocol.

Just from a personal note.


Good to hear man, I think most of this is fairly anecdotal considering everybody is still somewhat different :smiley:

Suppressing SHBG with exogenous T is like driving a nail into wood, tap it lightly and it’s going to take forever. Hit the nail harder and fast will drive the nail into the wood.

The bigger the shot, the more suppressive effect on SHBG.

I keep hearing this, will be interesting to see if it holds true. In that case itd mean that I could lower the dose.

Just curious how did you decide this dosage for the daily guys?

Good question, and I do not have a method. Usually it is 10 or 15mg. If looking to mitigate hematacrit, BP or acne, then lower, 10mg. Higher for the guy who does better with higher levels, but is hypersensitive to fluctuations and is looking to be “smooth” or “stable.” I’ve had a couple take 6mg, 7mg. Usually not for long.

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@highpull Has this been an effective dosing for those with higher SHBG - levels also? I feel that for me, 100mg a week wouldn’t do much for FT, might be wrong though.

I have not found SHBG to have any correlation with dosing frequency, if the daily frequency is the issue. Total weekly dose, yes. I know there are some who believe low SHBG mandates more frequent dosing, but I just have not seen it.

Almost every guy injecting once or twice is taking 150mg or more. I do not see enough guys doing daily to be able to draw any conclusions. I would say that if one is taking only100mg/week, they’d do better taking daily injections.


125mg test e once per week took my SHBG from 102nmol/L to 48nmol/L, so definitely the sort of result I was looking for.

Roger, I was thinking more about the 100mg test effect on High-SHBG, regardles of the injection frequency. Is it enough to get it to drop from the upper end or over reference value, I wonder. Thanks ! :slight_smile:

Sometimes SHBG will increase. Overall, from what I have seen the change is usually not significant. Mine did not change (23-27). My guess is (just a guess) that if yours would change, 100mg is not enough to matter.


Why would the body act this way? Think of SHBG as the body’s regulator of testosterone which in fact it is. With a high dose of TRT, SHBG would naturally rise to oppose it one would think. Suggesting that more frequent lower doses of TRT would be of benefit.

In naturals higher TT usually correlates with higher SHBG. But if you’re injecting a large amount enters the system quickly and drives SHBG down. Every androgen lowers SHBG to some degree


Thanks for the reference page.