High Blood Pressure

For the past 2+ years my BP has been an automatic 110/70. This past March it started to slowly go up until it peaked at 158/110 at the end of May. I eat super clean and my body fat is below 10% so the doc but me on meds to get it back down and all blood tests came back normal. Now to figure out why.

I looked back through my journal to see what changed at the time my BP started to rise and I found that at the end of Feb. I added Greens+ to my diet and switched from whey to casein protein, which along with fish oil and flax are the only sups I use. I stopped taking the Greens+ and protein to see the results. My BP with meds (I’m still on) went down to 115/73. A few days ago, I started adding Greens+ and the casein protein and now my BP is slowly increasing again. Could either of these cause this problem?


I simply don’t see the physiologic connection…but I’m no expert…

It should be very interesting to get the insights of others…