Help with first cycle

I finally found a source after a year but he is pretty limited. He has sust/D-bol/primo. I thought that I would run 500mg a week of sust with a front, 30 mg daily of D-bol for 4 weeks during the 8 week cycle and I honostly dont know when or if to run the primo I would appreciate any help with this cycle. I also think his clomid is very expensive at $4 per 30mg tab???


clomid shouldn’t be much more than a dollar a tab at most, usually around 20 or so dollars for 25 tabs at most. sust and d-bol sound like a decent doseage but you didn’t list how much primo you have or any post cycle protocol or anti e’s for you cycle…

that sounds like a pretty decent cycle. dont worry about the primo you dont need it. you will need an anti-e throughout. 4$ per tab is a joke. personally id run the sust for 8 and the bol for 6.

Find a new source!! Clomid tabs for $4 is too much. You can find them somewhere else for much cheaper.

I agree that the clomid is a joke. He wanted $15 per 250mg amp of the sust and the same for the primo. Does that sound about right or is that overpriced.

sust should be between $11-$15. i would be cautious of the primo unless you know what to look for. real primo is hard to come by and often faked.

i know that my source is pretty expensive what can i expect to pay for arimidex and nova??