Help with a low carb/supplement question

Hey guys just wanted some quick help with a situation. I am currently doing meltdown training and it is going well, it kicks my ass but it is going good. I also started a low carb/calorie cutting diet. I am starting off moderately but plan on going onto the fat fast within the next week. Heres my problem. I am trying to cut body fat and maintain as much LBM as possible while doing this. I have ordered Androsol to help with this process, but it is on backorder and I won’t recieve it for at least 1 week. I am currently taking ZMA & glutamine, I have some Tribex 500 and some Mag 10(to use to bulk up once I get leaned out to at least 10% BF), am currently 14% BF. Now finally to my question given the circumstances should I hold off on a full blown Fat Fast diet until I have access to my androsol? Or could tribex be used during a fat fast? If I did start the Fat Fast for the next week or so until I get my Androsol would I be risking too much muscle loss? Any input to help me in this situation would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

Help me out on this one guys. I really need some input. Thanks

If you don’t have added androgen, I’d keep
calories up to 15 cal/lb LBM/day to avoid
excessive losses.

Thanks for the advice on the calories during this phase. Would it be in my best interest to use tribex 500 or not in your opinion. Or should I save it until I do my Mag 10 cycle for the off weeks. Thanks again Bill