Help Brock or Bill

My fiance has recently turned pro in female BB. We are in need of some educated advice. We do not trust the information we have received. Brock or Bill My ? is would it be possible to get help. We are preparing for her next show and have no problem giving detialed info on what we are doing. (If it was not for my ass being chewed I would post the info on the forum but I am sure she would not apreciate it.) I understand you do not respond to e-mail because of a few problems but we would be very willing to prove who we are. Thank You

I have never wanted to have anything to
do with drugs in pro female bb’ing as it currently exists because the situation is
very simple: More Drugs = Better Chance to Win.
Period. End of story. This includes gross
overuse: 600 mg/week of testosterone will make
a woman more likely to win a contest than
200 mg/week will (and neither is safe.)

How on earth could anyone give worthwhile
and valid advice in a situation like that?
It’s simple: just find the compromise between
how badly she wants to abuse herself and how
badly she wants to win, and recognize, she
can’t win top contests unless she goes way
overboard with resulting heavy virilization.
It’s that simple. No Rachel McLish types,
or for that matter even Cory Everson types,
win pro female bb’ing contests today.

There is no magic formula that will win
pro contests today without virilization.

This is the exact reason why I wrote what I wrote. The stereotype of female BB is exactly what you pointed out and 99% of them are doing exactly what you wrote. Hell in that fact the fitness girls take more shit than she has. The individual in ? is turned pro in her 3rd show and did the Olympia in her 4th. She is now going to the arnold if you do your research you will know who it is. The fact is that she has not had to take any androgenic drugs and never wants to. In fact she never thought she would be a pro> the reason for BB was to be competitive in a sport it just happens she has good genetics. If she ever wins is a political battle not hers. She wants to have no side effects and is willing to stand firm on her beliefs about her physique. 5’2" 123 1/2 pound as a pro is the very small. All we need is good advice on cutting. The fact that she willnot do more drugs makes her contest diet that much harder. She will never do and ofseason cycle and never has. If the sport does not change and her being a pro is just some HALFASSED attempt to change the sport by the IFBB then so be it. But she would like to do it the right way and be the only one on stage with the classic physique as you mentioned Rachel, Cory. I do not trust anyone in the industry and will not take their advice. That is why I wrote you. I trust you and Brock. You are both striat forward and give advice to the common people. I commend you for that. As a long time reader of your mag and following your adice has helped create the person she is. The use of MD6 and Methoxy 7 has made a huge diffrences. I agree and so does she that the sport is not pretty (between the drug abuse and the porn) that is the reason I did not put her name out. Being a female BB you are sterotyped>. If you do not want to help I understand but we are trying to do the right thing (She wants women to be able to look at her and say I would like to look like that) NOt UGH “I think the Blonde dude won again” (Paper mag #2). Please do not judge befor you know her and if you wish to find out who she is you will know I am telling the truth. MAybe she will not win but that is not the Point the fact that at the Olympia peopel like anja langer and cory everson gave great reviews because she looked like a mid 80s BB not 2000 BB and the hundreds of female fans after the show telling her she was beautiful (they actually wanted to be like her) and her routine was the best they have ever seen is the goal…The more people she can influence away from the current status of the sport the more she will be satisfied. Thank you for responding and I hope you will help. If not I will try again mainly because I will not take the advice want-to-be Pharmacist.

I apologize if it seemed despite my efforts
not to seem that way that what I was saying
about female bb’ing today and drug use in it
was about your fiance rather than about the
current state of that endeavour. I trust
it’s as you say and she doesn’t want to push
it to these abusive extremes. With the way
judging is now, it seems impossible she could
finish at the top and it’s great that she’s
done as well in the placings as she has.

I had not realized from your original question
that she did not want to take any androgens,
never has done so, and never will. I’d ASSumed
the question was about androgens since it
was addressed largely to Brock and myself.

I’m not a contest prep expert, let alone
in female bb’ing. How much Lasix to inject
on the day of the show and exactly when,
how to adjust the sodium intake, etc. –
all that while it’s of interest to
competitors has never been of interest
to me and I’ve never learned it.

As for the prep leading up to the contest,
I don’t really have a great deal of advice
there either except that the female competitors
that I have learned what they did, did better
with moderate aerobics than with extreme. In
other words, none of this 10-14 hours per
week stuff, but maybe 3 hours total or not
much more. Thyroid helps but also burns
muscle and burns it pretty badly if androgens
are not being used. Calories shouldn’t be
too low for a prolonged period of time,
say 12 cal/lb LBM, but as Brock has pointed
out for a brief period a more severe diet
can work.

But you know what? With the results she’s had
so far, if androgens aren’t in the equation
anyhow then your fiance undoubtedly knows more
about female bb’ing contest prep than I do.
So it’s not that I don’t want to help: it’s
that it’s outside my field really. I hope
she does well!

Bill thank you for your advice. I am sorry if I came off rude. The main ?s i have are about the information we have recieved from others:

On the contest prep to use Primo or winny. Winny (?) I have read you comments from tmag and metamophasis (Ithink that was the online mag) so i would be very hesitant about winny. Primo at 100mg/5-7 days. How many weeks 6- 8-10? If we were to use primo what dose of T3 would be ideal w/o loosing lean body mass. Is their any reason to cycle T3. I have read both, your post and brocks about T3, you seemed to agree that a contest cycle would require larger amounts of t3. The doses of even the fitness girls was in the 25-75mcg range. If primo is not used what dose of t3 if any. Is nolvadex OK for the last 30 days to decrease water, Would it even work. Anavar has also be mentioned. IT was reomended at a 1-2 tabs/day for 3-4 weeks prior to show for hardness?

MD6 is used instead of Clen. We found it works much better. T3 was used for last show but only at 12.5mcg (taken from your advice) 5dayson/2daysoff. Methox-7 is used (3 tablespoons/day sorry do not have a bottle to tellyou mg). UDo's is used for most of the fat, and carbs are only post workout and green vegtable before bed. Diet is much like the T-dawg and calories as you said never go below 12X/Target bodywieght. Cardio is limited to walking the dogs 4-5 miles/day and 15-20 min after lifting. Trianing the month before the show is GVT leading into German body comp. (or at least vrey similar)

I would be interested to know if TML-2 would be a better choice or more effective than T3, And if the spot reduction product is going to be out in the next month or so. She is 10 weeks out today.

We do not get a chance to communicate with anyone who knows why or how. All they know is it worked for someone else. THe bad thing is most of the advice given to women is advice coming from what a man has done. I uderstand why you answered the way you did and have no objections but we would like to do it right and have educated information not “THATS WHAT THE BIG DUDE DOES”
As for the water and pre-contest prep. We stick to what works until it does not work but i think it is good to have as much info as possible. If you belive someone else would know(brock) let me know. Especially if they are as willing to give info as you are.

thank you for your time I know all the writers that contribute to the post do so on their own time and We appreciate the help.