Gyno Question

[quote]Whitezilla wrote:
I did a cycle about two years ago and like an idiot I didn’t educate myself and developed Gyno. I stopped my cycle about 70% through and attempted to nuke it with Letro with no results.

Since then I obviously have not done another Cycle and have carried on with myself, it’s not noticeable unless i am wearing a really tight shirt and it’s really hot out.

Now, around two years later I am deployed to Afghanistan and I am going all natural with my diet and workouts. I have been here for around a month and without touching steroids for around two years they are really starting to hurt, and they are irritating as fuck. The gland in my left is about the size of a quarter and the right is just a little smaller.

I have already talked to my wife and I plan to go under the knife at some point when I return in 10 months, but is there something I am missing? Why are they still so sensitive?

Is there anything that I can do?

Thanks in advance, and sorry for being dumb on this subject.[/quote]

well, you still might have a weird hormone profile (testosterone, estrogen, prolactin, etc). not likely, but possible…

obviously with where you’re at, getting bloodwork done is not really an option.

the problem is, one gyno starts, it doesn’t really go away very often unless you specifically try to make it go away. and the longer you wait, the less likely one can do it pharmaceutically… the other issue, is your body armor/plate carrier is prolly rubbing against it, causing irritation.

if you want to try to get rid of it, you could pick up some raloxifene and aromasin and run that for a while and see if it works…