glucosamine article citation from LA Dawg/Ironman Mag

I would like to read the original journal article about glucosamine that was mentioned in LA Dawg and summarized in Ironman (feb 2002). Can someone give me the citation for the original journal article?

go to (free Medline) and do a search for glucosamine or glucosamine sulfate and walla, your answer should be apparent.

Thanks bro, but it’s not that easy.

Pez - yes it is, it is called doing your homework. Alternatively, you can buy the Ironman, email Ron Harris orsit and put in the homework time.

Doug, I searched on medline for that article before I even posted on the board for help. And I searched again after you posted your ignorant response, just to make sure I hadn’t missed it. I have a bachelor’s in biology and am working on a degree in nursing and trust me, I’m familiar with medline. It is not easy searching for an article when you have no idea A)who the authors are B)what the title of the paper is or what journal it came from and C)the date of publication. And there are many papers on insulin resistance and glucosamine. Again, before I posted on the board, I checked for but did not find Ron Harris’ e-mail address. See it at the bottom of the LA Dawg Column? No? I didn’t think so. Neither do I. So save yourself next time you immediately assume someone posting a message didn’t do their homework.