GBC training and SportPharma Protein

2 Questions, 1st off I’m following Poliquins nutrition advice and GBC program for fat loss, using the workouts in Manly Weight Loss. Poliquin said at his seminar to lift 4 days and said the editor wanted some programs with 3 days, but he disagreed. Anyway, the first few programs that are 3x week I just do day1 on Mon, 2 on Tues, 3 on Thurs and repeat 1 on Fri of each week. 1st question, there is a rest period after each exercise. Does that mean I rest that long before doing the next exercise of the superset. For example, if there is A1 Squat with 60s next to it then A2 DB Bench Press with 60s next to it. Do I Squat, rest 60s,Bench, rest 60s then return to squat or just Squat then bench with no rest, then rest after benching. I believe it’s the 1st way that’s why there is rest listed after each exercise in the book, but just wanted to make sure

. Next question, I believe he said at his Seminar Sportpharma’s Just-Whey is a good product. There’s a 5lb bucket that’s pretty cheap, 40 bucks. Anyone know about their quality or this product in particular. I know they’ve been around a long time so I assume they’re good. OK, thanx for your help

Between A1 and A2, there isn’t any rest. As I understood it, you just go to the next exercise and then rest after one complete superset. (His book, admitttedly, isn’t clear on this.) Keep in mind, if one machine is clear across the room, it’s impossible to get zero rest. To compensate, I usually decrease the rest time between the supersets.

Sorry, I don’t agree. I believe that he wants you to wait 60 seconds between each exercise. I’ve read T.C.'s article on Poliquins program and he says he prefers to wait 30 seconds between each exercise instead of 60 sec. You can do a search through the t-mag back issues to find it.


I agree with jd. Each exercise is followed with a short rest period, even if this is just walking across the gym. If you look closely in Poliquin’s book, there are some exercises within the same superset with different rest recommendations. Eliminating this rest period might still make for an effective program, but I don’t believe that is how Poliquin intended for the workouts to be done.

From issue 91 of Reader Mail, TC says of GBC rest periods: “I found that I prefer to do a short rest period (30-45 seconds) in between each exercise, while Charles prefers that you do A1 and A2 wham-bam, and then take a longer rest period (about 60 seconds).” So you can do it either way. I like to do it the Charles’ way. It’s gets me out of the gym faster and I acheive greater lactic acid burn which is the goal of the program.

Jaime–the whole point comes to quantifying a rest period. What exactly is no rest between sets? Okay, it takes you a while to figure out how to do that between say a set of lunges and a set of db bench presses. So, if the concept were that difficult to explain, then Charles would have gone into more detail about it. You can take 5-10 seconds if you want to, but you are taking a rest between sets. If it were how you intended, the workout would look like this— A1, A2, rest 30 sec. Repeat. But, in both Manly Weight Loss and German Body Comp, it’s set up as A1, rest, A2, rest, repeat for desired # of sets. Peace–

JD… My original post agreed with what you said. Taking no rest between two consecutive exercises may get you out of the gym faster, but a small rest period will allow you to perform the next exercise more effectively.
I’m still not sure that Poliquin meant no rest between two exercises, but he very well could have… now I’m curious about what exactly he said.

Just-Whey is a whey concentrate wich means that it will have large amounts of ash, moisture, carbs, and fats (when compared to a whey isolate) wich can cause digestion problems. It’s also ion-exchanged wich kills off all the qreat qrowth-factors. Stick with a CFM whey isolate, it works much better than these ion-exchanged whey concentrates. As for Sportpharma’s quality control, it’s great, I just don’t think they put enough scientific research into their products.