fore arm soreness and boxing

We practiced strikes and boxing with gloves in jujitsu the other day, and i noticed that my outer fore-arms are fairly sore. I’ve never had this problem before while punching, and i’m wondering if i’m using incorrect form, any help?

are you just sore from the punching? or did you do forearm training? were you striking bags? did you have your Wrists wrapped; if you did were your wrists wrapped in a neuttral position(proper: fist to forearm looks flat) or with the knuckles back slightly above the wrist and forearm? how many hundreds of strike did you do? Is this your first strike training?

i was doing focus pad work and full-contact sparring, no fore arm work. If i would have to guess which muscle is sore i’d say it was the palmaris longus, although i’m not overly familiar with the minor fore arm muscles. My wrists were not wrapped except for the velcro strap on the glove and the gloves were fairly light. This was my first time doing striking in over a year.

I do jiujitsu and I’ve never gotten sore forearms from striking, but rather from grabbing, like I’m in the guard, and I’m grabbing someone, my arms may get tired after, say, 15 minutes or so.

Your fore arm soreness is probably just from using muscles you do not frequently train. If it continues you may want to have x-rays done to check for small fractures that some boxers get from punching impact.