Focus on the whole meal

Seeing as it’s Christmas I thought I’d say hi on the forum and put you guys/gals right on how to eat on the 25th, a common problem is that everyone focusses on the turkey, I know its the glamour food but you also need to have strong vegetables on the plate to help support it, cook those right and you’ll find you’ll get more turkey on the plate, therefore be able to eat more. Also every second xmas you should eat the meal backwards, dessert first etc and finishing with the turkey last, you’ll find that the next time you eat the traditional way more consumption. When eating try this, food on fork, take to mouth, pause, lower 1/3 of way, pause, then put in mouth, voila!.

Wishing all a very and safe christmas, Hyphnz.

Good one! Don’t forget the 21’s on the pumkin pie.