Flab to Fab: a 2024 log

Squat 200x5 235x5 265x5 belt on last set
Bench 145x5 170x5 195x5

Parallel bar push up 3x10 reps- slow negative
Chin ups 3x5 reps light band assist
Kettlebell snatch 55x5x3 sets each side

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Probably should have pushed workout until tomorrow felt worn out as soon as I started so took it easier

Trying to make an effort going forward to reduce pointless internet browsing

This website is pretty good and the format is such that I mainly check for updates and don’t lose too much time

Achilles heel I would say are Reddit and YouTube I deleted TikTok years ago as it was too distracting

Reddit does have good information in the right sub sections but I think the “signal to noise ratio” is awful and it’s easy to get distracted with related topic suggestions

I think a lot of posts are negative also people just going on to vent frustration or blow off steam

YouTube similarly has good videos but auto play and related video suggestions make it easy to lose time - for stuff like DIY projects I think it’s very good though

Phone showing 6hr35min average last week which sounds high but I guess includes playing music on the phone while commuting to work or lifting weights, looking for the right YouTube video to play in the background while doing chores around the house, then leaving it as background noise - I am guessing it also starts some kind of internal clock whenever you pick it up to check e-mail etc

BE THAT AS IT MAY I think it is good to have a “measurable” to track total internet use week to week to see if it is trending downward

Trap bar deadlift 265x5 305x5 345x5 belt on last set
Overhead press 105x5 120x5 135x5

Dips 4x10 reps
Chins 4x5 reps light band assistance
Split squat 4x10 reps each side

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Squat 220x5 250x5 280x5 belt on last set
Bench press 160x5 185x5 205x5

Push ups-4x10 reps
Chin ups-4x5 reps light band assist
Kettlebell swings 55x15x4 sets

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