Flab to Fab: a 2024 log

Squat 210x5 240x5 270x5

Superset 1
Front squat 115x10x3 sets
Pull-down 115x10x3 sets

Superset 2
Push press 105x10x3 sets
Kettlebell swings 70x20x3 sets

Superset 3
Split squat 15x10x3 sets each side
Upper body twist on Swiss ball 3 sets of 10

45 seconds rest between all sets

Usually train in the morning (fasted) but had to train in the evening today workout was still challenging but noticeably easier than usual


Orange theory
867 calories 8 splat points

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Missed a workout Tuesday and kind of got off the diet. Weight loss kind of plateaued need to sort that sheet out

This morning did

Overhead press- 105x5 120x5 135x5

Superset 1
Snatch Grip deadlift - 165x10x3 sets -Started using the straps on this, will try to bump up weight next week
T push up- 3 sets of 10 - strangely this is the only exercise I haven’t improved on but probably due to decreasing rest periods and pushing the snatch grip DL
Included a video as people may not know what this refers to (I don’t look as good doing this lol)

Superset 2
Step up/overhead press combo- 20x10x3 sets each side
Pulldown- 135x10x3 sets

Superset 3
RDL/Bent row combo- 135x10x3 sets
Lower body twist 3 sets of 10

45 seconds rest between all sets- next week reps drop to 8 and rest drops to 30 seconds

Keeping a heavier barbell lift at the beginning is helpful to prevent losing ground, however reps always feel super slow.

Muscle endurance seems to be improving steadily though, even with increasing weight and decreasing rest intervals.

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Trap bar deadlifts 260x5 300x5 335x5 (belt on last set) felt good, moved fast

Superset 1
Front squats 125x10x3 sets
Pull-down 125x10x3 sets (overhand grip)

Superset 2
Push press 110x10x3 sets
Kettlebell swing 70x20x3 sets

Superset 3
Split squat 20x10x3
Upper body twist on Swiss ball 3 sets of 10

45 seconds rest between all sets

Weighed 241.0 this morning

honestly slacked off on diet the last 2 weeks probably somewhat burned out from work also and not 100% focused. Will really focus on getting this back on track otherwise just spinning my wheels

Next week reps go down to 8 but rest period down to 30 seconds - will plan to keep increasing weight on everything other than ab exercises which it probably makes more sense to slow tempo to make the reps more of a challenge

For motivation

One of my favorite clips Lars Noren 892 deadlift for the gold medal at the 1987 IPF world championship

Just pure, old school strength!

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Weight in morning was 239.6

Will try to weigh in every workout day - realize there will be some fluctuation due to water weight etc but hopefully will give me extra motivation to stay in the straight and narrow

4x a week seems to be good pace for now - I think I’d have trouble recovering if I added much more to this

I don’t list but also trying to do also walk 2-3 miles each training day and 4-5 miles in days I am not training

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Weight in am 240.6

Bench press 165x5 190x5 210x5

Superset 1
Snatch grip deadlift-185x8x3 sets*
T push up- 2x8 reps 1x5 (failed on 6)

Superset 2
Kettlebell press/step up combo 25x8x3 sets
Pull-down 140x8x3 sets*

Superset 3
RDL/bent row combo 145x8x3 sets*
Lower body twist

    • increase weight next time

30 seconds rest between all sets :grimacing:

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Weight in AM 238.6

Give my dog Baloo 2-3 mile walk fasted on days I don’t train

Big (at least for this area) snapping turtle was holding up traffic crossing the street. Took off hoodie and picked him up and carried him across.

He hissed when I picked him up then jumped up and closed his jaws like a gator when I put him down

Big sucker … I wear American size 12 for scale



Weight in AM 238.6

Squat 225x5 255x5 285x5 (belt) felt good, moved fast

Superset 1
Front squat 135x8x3 sets
Overhand grip pull down 135x8x3 sets

Superset 2
Push press 115x8x3
Kettlebell swing 70x17x3 sets

Superset 3
Split squat 25x8x3 sets each side
Upper body twist on Swiss ball 3 sets of 8 each side

30 seconds between all sets

1 more week of this cycle hated it at first but it’s grown on me lol

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Weight 236.8


1 more week until Deload
Have been able to increase weights but starting to feel moody/irritable and dealing with some insomnia and loss of appetite perhaps signs of overreaching

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Forgot to weigh in

Turned 40 yesterday which means … technically … every exercise is a Master’s PR :sunglasses:

Overhead press 110x5 125x5 140x5

Superset 1
Snatch grip Deadlift 205x8x3 sets
T push ups 2 sets of 8, 1 set of 6 (missed 7th)

Superset 2
Step up/DB press combo 25x8x3 sets each leg
Pull-down 150x8x3 sets

Superset 3
RDL/bent row combo 155x8x3
Lower body twist 3 sets of 8

30 seconds rest between sets


Happy Birthday!!!

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Happy birthday

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I like your thinking. Happy birthday young man.


Great way to look at it!

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Slammed at work this week missed a scheduled workout and figured since I was already feeling a bit flat to just roll with it and make it a mini Deload

6/1 did
Trap bar deadlift 280x5 315x5 355x5

I was going to jump into another 6 week “fat loss workout” but had the idea yesterday to do the next 3 weeks as a more moderate setup - then be ready to go Balls to the Wall for the next phase

Will still train 2 days a week weights and 2 days orange theory and follow a diet during this phase

I feel like as Masters lifters we need to monitor our BALLS TO WALLS ratio more carefully


Definitely agree with this.

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Trap bar deadlift 250x5 285x5 325x5 belt on last set
Overhead press 100x5 115x5 130x5

Dips 3x10 reps
Chin (assisted) 3x5 reps
Split squat 3x10 reps each side

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