First timer

I am a first time user and I have just started my cycle. I am doing:

6-amps of sus-250, 1-vial of deca 10ml-200mg strength, and 1-vial of upjohn winni v 30ml-50mg strength.

How much weight can I expect to gain with this cycle and keep after I am off (assuming that I eat right, train hard, and sleep good) and will I be ripped?

Thanks T-Mag and Bill Roberts.

Not to get your panties in a bundle, but the Deca you have is probably Brovel. And the Upjohn you have is probably counterfeit. Brock Strasser and many others contend that Brovel sucks real bad and that a real Upjohn bottle is extremely hard to find. You don’t have enough gear for a long cycle so how long were you planning on doing it for?? How much per week?? these are things you should be posting for us to answer your question.

What you will gain depends on how far away you are from your natural limit. Like Scott said, you gave hardly any information (bodyweight, fat percentage… just read existing posts), so it’s impossible to say.

Scott: have you started your cycle yet? If so, how far into it are you and what kind of results are you seeing?