First Timer, First Bodybuilding Show (Timely Feedback)

do you ala carte an EFA test when you get labs?


I did not ask for one, no. Was unaware that was a thing tbh. Just looked it up. Mind elaborating a bit for a newbie? Really just doing more of a general all around panel to make sure the diet isn’t messing with any numbers or negatively impacting me in any way.

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Bloodwork just got in. Best I’ve ever had in my adult life. Perfect (mid green ranges) on everything from HDL to LDL, A1C, etc.

Test was up from last go (up for third consecutive time in 6 months).

Numbers -

Test Total: 4.8ng/mL Last go, 5.3ng/mL today.
Test Free: 101.7pg/mL Last go, 102.8pg/mL today.

Looking good :slight_smile: !!!


Some perspective…

How many of those articles used a sample pool of bodybuilders and/or individuals trying to retain muscle mass while getting to ~6% BF? And how accurately do you think those studies can be applied to people like us with goals like ours?

Science has always been decades behind bodybuilders.

This is where we part ways. Good luck.

Some week 10 shares for the community -

Few posing pics from practice yesterday evening. Have not gone over LAT Spreads with posing coach yet (week 13 we will cover these as our last addition/item, along with Side Tricep). Camera angle wasn’t ideal, but was trying to get more judges perspective and was solo, so had to use timers, snap multiple, etc.

Back Double I feel is coming along. Obviously lacking the width I’d really want, but as the waist comes and I start to engage and feel LATs more/practice, I think this will come along a bit better. As far as stance, structure here, and back development, I’m happy with it.

As to Side Chest, I feel like it’s quietly turning into my best pose. Posing coach, my coach, other bodybuilders I’ve spoken with say it looks like my strongest as well. Compact, tight, triceps look good, chest cut is coming in strong, fullness is there. Working on sitting into it (Labrada queue I’ve been utilizing) and posing “like a big person”, per him and Arnold LOL! I feel like it’s the most in tune I am with any of my poses thus far, and it’s feeling very natural to me.

Also, including last weeks Vlog for those that haven’t had a chance to tune in yet.

Thanks for checking in folks. About 10.5 weeks out now!


Your legs are way too big for you to feel the need to make you legs look like you are in a quarter squat position.

This is good

You haven’t figured out how to spread your lats yet, but the leg position looks much better than your back double biceps.

You need to get leaner to see where the best strategy for posing your legs is. But you have thick enough legs to have a few different angle possibilities.

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Where is your weight? Has it been coming down? It’s hard to see much difference from 10 days ago pics to now. How are your lifts?

Thank you for the feedback brother. I appreciate it man. My posing coach comes from Classic side, so he’s put me on the positioning and we’re getting a feel for it. But, I agree, with the quad size and leg mass I don’t the staggered look is for my physique. Going to have some discussion in Week 13 and maybe change some things. Also going to experiment more at home and see what I like. I want my legs to continue to be a focal point, because I think in Middleweight they’ll be an advantage as much as my coach and I have built them up through the Powerlifting years and offseason. Just a matter of getting the cuts up front and continuing our “squeeze” and volume work with heavier weight.

And you aren’t wrong about front LAT spread. It’s one of my huge weaknesses right now. My posing coach threw me on some LAT Pulldowns this last week and gave me pointers on how to feel it more, where to pull to, holding, doing assisted reps when and where able, get that blood flow, then go out there and feel them the same way through the posing. I just have to put those pieces together.

these last 10 weeks there will be a continued emphasis on front quads, working to engage LATs at every possibility (added in a second smaller back day as recovery is good, and are focusing on LATs specifically), and continued efforts on midsection/abs as well (constant/daily body weight ab work).

I think we’re on path to have some successes first go. But, I’m not oblivious to the fact that it’s a learning experience and that it won’t ALL come together first time out as I’m not a natural at this sport. But, I have confidence that I CAN get there!

New video upcoming tomorrow evening.

Going to be doing a couple rounds of quarter turns, and the five mandatories my posing coach and I have covered, also couple rounds each.

My plan is to get the videos done up, load them onto my PC and cover Week 10, upcoming Week 11 items, then voiceover the videos to discuss the pros, improvements areas, future posing sessions and the focuses thereof, etc.

Would love feedback from folks if they are willing. Been practcing quite a bit this week and slowly gaining some confidence. Though, transitions, footwork, and coming unbuttoned (conditioning, breathing, relaxing unintentionally) are all still obviously having an effect on things. Trying to remain mindful, think on queues (like I did in Powerlifting) and just doing the best I can day in and day out.

In any sense, would love for you to join me on channel so I can start making it a bit more interactive.

Also, if there is content you’d like to see me cover, I’m open ears!

Thanks for everything over recent weeks folks! See ya’ll later this weekend!

Channel -

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Episode 3 of my Vlog is live for those that want to dive into my posing further, check out this week in photos, and see what my bodybuilding log currently looks like (weekly changes, updates, etc.).

Would love feedback from the community and those that have lived the lifestyle or have been a part of this journey!

Still not where we want to be, but closer and closer every day. Still a lot of tools left in the kit with 9.5 to 10 weeks to go!

As of today, 181.7 (pic on Insta - See link off video description).
-51.8 lbs overall and 11.2 during prep. First look we feel like is going to be around 172 - 174 ish’. But, hard to tell. Going to depend on conditioning and midsection obviously. Really happy with the cut rate, and really happy with where things sit (with how much time we have left).

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I would make the suggestion that if you want a discussion on this forum you should be posting pics/training/stats/whatever else to this forum and not linking to external sources.
It’s your post and you can do what you want but I think you will get more discussion that way if that’s what your after.


Appreciate the feedback brother. Understand it’s not for everyone, going outside of forum and clicking links and all, which is why I try and provide some info as to what I’m getting into for those interested. Just trying to generate traffic to social as well and trying to use every tool I have.

I know that shouldn’t be primary goal, but it’s easier to consolidate my efforts in one or two places than rehash in every venue I’m in. Trying to make a legit go of the Youtube stuff as I want to get partner by end of 2024, begin generating some revenue so I can think about expansion as far as content I’m able to get out (gym workouts, hiring a social media person, etc.).

In any sense, not trying to bottle neck this thing too much with that chatter, just trying to state the intent and all.

Hope you’re doing well man.

Again, your thread do what you want but this forum is not an advertising tool for your personal gain. It’s a discussion group meant to be within the forum.
Good luck with your ventures. I’ll follow along on.


Ok. No problem. I won’t use it for that in the future moving forward if that’s kind of an implied or stated thing somewhere. If so, obviously I didn’t read the rules and such and that’s on me.

In the future I’ll just consolidate what I have per the video and try and get an excerpt of some sorts in here. Just trying to utilize my time in the best way possible to free up space for the stuff I need to be doing. But, I get it.


That’s more work than I would do free of charge. I would much prefer you post pics of poses. The transition from one pose to another is far less important than the pose itself.


Thanks for that brother. I’ll get more pics uploaded this weekend for sure. Mandatories I’ve been working on and such. We’re adding the last few poses in during my Week 13 session. Then I have 2 more after that, weeks 16 and 18 prior to my show. there we’ll be more piecing it all together (even though we already do some of that now).

Looking forward to getting it all under my belt so I can get this routine fully developed too.