First Timer, First Bodybuilding Show (Timely Feedback)

This seems like an odd thought to me. OP is in a cut, where he will truly find where his symmetry problems exist. He will know where he is lagging, especially if his friends and coach want him to improve, instead of just wanting him to feel good about that competition experience. IMO, everyone has symmetry problems, except the sole person with perfect symmetry.

Symmetry isn’t just proportions of the relative sizes of all the muscle groups. It also includes the symmetry between the amount of definition between the muscle groups. Everyone has that last place to show definition.


The time for this has passed. He is dieting for a show.


FWIW You could check out my OG post “49 yr old TRT” It kinda walk you through my struggles with overtraining and being to lean for to long. It eventually took a toll on me and dug a hole I wasn’t able to continually climb back out of. Eventually leading to TRT for me.
Best of luck to you on your journey.
I’m rooting for you bro!

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Morning brother. Just checking in on posts for the day as I have a four day vacation planned and had some time this am after the gym.

So staple foods currently are:

Supps -
NutraOne/Protein One Whey Isolate (Gourmet Chocolate)
PB Fit
W.A.R. BCAA’s (for recovery)
Fish Oil (Generic)
Men’s Multivitamin (Generic)
Turmeric (for inflammation)

Standard Breakfast Fare -
NutraOne shake (2 scoops), w/ ice and 4 tbl spoons PB Fit
5 to 6 servings of Egg Whites

Late morning -
NutraOne shake (usually 1 to 2 scoops), w/ ice

Lunch/Dinner Fare (amounts thereof based on what meats macro protein and carb wise to fill out the day) -
Chicken Breast
Turkey Breast
Ground Turkey
Rotisserie Chicken (on occasion)
Oven Roasted/Cajun Deli Turkey
Jasmine Rice
Black Beans

This is pretty much my life now. LOL!

But, I’ve grown to love it and it works for me. I know Is hould probably be knocking down some meat in the am. But, my body does better particularly with the early am liquid diet and egg whites to get ahead of the protein climb on the day.

As to areas we are working on bringing up -
Width w/ side Delts for taper purposes
Quads (front for front-side poses mainly)
Traps (personal goal of mine given my build, and always having wanted them)

As some have mentioned, it’s harder on the cut side of things, so we were focusing quite a bit pre-cut on getting in reps there to adjust prior. Not 100% by any means keyed in on those. But, we have multiple shows to build on it.

I’ll get poses (some) up this weekend. Thinking of drip feeding the log and doing my favorites first (side chest, side relaxed, etc.).

I’ll 100% add your log to my bookmarks brother. Already following a couple, and being active in other’s journeys really helps me understand perspective on multiple fronts. Just makes all of us better.

I commiserate with you and share in your relative experiences, because that’s what happened last year. I was going to compete, but went way too hard, way too fast, begged my coach to keep letting me cut to get lean, leaner, leaner for physique. I killed myself and ran out of gas, and learned the hard way, WE ARE NOT SMARTER THAN OUR COACHES! LoL! So, I apologized and have done it right this year listening to him every step, trusting in his vision.

Appreciate the sentiments my dude. Thanks so much for standing with me!

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Awesome bro, thanks for the details! It’s great to hear that the diet is working and isn’t getting you down. I’m with you on the AM/PM dynamic as well. Chicken and rice all day might be just the ticket for some but eggs and a shake go down so much easier in the morning.

I was curious about body parts (even though this isn’t really the time—point taken) because it seemed like you and your coach are taking a good run at this and thinking about the total package. Super stoked that you’re going for the whole season!

Can’t wait for some poses. Definitely drip away with your faves first.

Sharing Instagram below for those who wish to follow.

Also starting up a Youtube Vlog this weekend as well. That link is below too.

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Posing this am post shave with my wife. Just some side relaxed and side chest. Feel free to critique. I’ve only had one posing session with a coach thus far. I go next weekend for my second.

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VLOG Episode One is Live!!!

“The Road to INBF’s Summer Explosion 2024” - Prep (Start of Week 9 / 20)

You can see my Contest Prep/Leaning Out thread I made for my one and only ANBF show I did. I lost 37 pounds over 5.5 months for it. I used carb cycling too.


Hey brother, just bookmarked. Will for sure make time to give it a read this week at work, when I have down time.

Yeah, I know coaches who use it like anything else, “a tool”. When we hit my maintenance wall and weren’t quite ready to “cut”, as we didn’t wanna spend my entire prep doing so, we thought it would be a good way to allow my body to have a couple/few days a week with higher carbs (not crush myself early on). We always did it on gym days, and slowly took them away from each (push, pull, legs, supplemental) over the course of four weeks. We did a lot of carb timing obviously, eating most or alot thereof during the early portion of the day so we could grind them off during gym hours, etc.

It’s not for everyone, it’s not a staple, but it has worked for me a couple times. Thanks for sharing man. Good to know others have used it to success.

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I do understand that much has changed since I competed. The first two decades I competed Round 1 actually required a front “relaxed”, right side “relaxed”, back “relaxed”, left side “relaxed”, and finish with a front “relaxed.” You were expected to actually stand to the side with your arms to your sides. Not against your sides but still at the side of you.

I was in a contest that a contestant when asked to turn to the side, moved his arms as you did. The head judge asked that everyone have their arms to their sides. The contestant moved his arms slightly, and then right back where they were. The head judge repeated his command again. Finally, the head judge said, “Are you actually trying to look like a lawn ornament?”

IMO, you should move your arm position closer to your sides. You can still flex your “backside” pec without your arm being in front of your body.

I should add that I was an NPC National Judge in the early 1980’s.

Note: I still believe you should trust your coach and follow his suggestions.

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This made me laugh hard. Good old days.

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I’m going to post this here, do with it as you see fit.

I was basing my recommendation off more than a Google search.

Good luck on your contest prep.


Morning brother. Yeah, looking back at the Side Relaxed, def pretty flared out there for sure. I bet my posing coach would tell me the same thing. And I’ll discuss it with him when I see him this weekend. Should be closer though. Thanks for the reminder on that one dude. Like I said, still very much learning.

The lawn ornament bit… I definitely LoL’ed pretty good! Haha!

Morning Sir.

I appreciate the share and the information.

FYI - I didn’t just “ask Google”. I’m a Communication Major who actually knows how to research pretty damn well as it’s all I did for the last two years of my degree. I was referencing scholarly articles I found from multiple health organizations, colleges, etc. Not just some random reddit thread. But, if you feel the need to BOLD, belittle people and make them feel stupid, good on you.

I get it. I’m wrong, my coach is wrong, you’re right.

In any sense, not what I’m trying to have my log become by going back and forth over something we obviously aren’t going to see eye to eye on given my stance I have in believing in my coach, and you’re stance of what’s right and wrong. So, I’m just going to agree to disagree with you and move forward focusing on what I need to do, to be better today.


@Andrewgen_Receptors is correct in sighting that low fats can be detrimental to your hormones especially if your natural and don’t have exogenous hormone support. This is def something to keep an eye on.
That being said, driving your fats down short term while on prep should not be too much of an issue but there is going to be a lower limit on how far you can go down with your body reacting.
Is your coach natural?


He competed both Natty and Untested. We are keeping an eye out for sure. Just went for bloodwork this am as we are close to half way. Obviously I’ll be looking in closely at those numbers and discussing results (if any issues) with my coach.

Appreciate the shared concern man. It’s not that I’m calling out anyone as being wrong though, just trying to make that clear. Simply stating it hasn’t had any negative impact on my numbers yet. And it may just be I’m not lean enough for it to be causing issues. I don’t know. In any sense, it’s being monitored.

That is the main thing.

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Anyone who is taking diet advice from “x” number of sources does not need to pay a coach for diet advice.

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