first time user

Fellas help me out.

I had never smoked cannabis or drunk alcohol 'til a wild weekend in Denmark last weekend. The thing is I smoked 4 joints, including two that I was told were pure skunk with grass and/or weed. I was told these were as strong as you can get. I’ve been looking for info on the web about permanent damage I may have done 'cos even now 60hrs after I smoked them I still find myself giggling, suffering memory lapses etc. From what I’ve read these problem occur only a few hrs after use and/or in frequent users? Am I screwed?

While I’m not a MD, I seriously doubt you could have done permanent damage (in a substantial, noticable manner) with a wild weekend. Sure, you probably mutilated a few million brain cells. Sure, you probably fried a few million lung and liver cells. What the hell, there’s a ton of people out there that make this kind of thing a daily habit and they do not demonstrate markable impairment (some are just plain dumb, but that’s different). Just be good to yourself and you’ll recover fully. No worries, man.

This very important once you smoke weed you must continue smoking it or you will cause permanent damage to your brain. Repeat continue smoking perferably ‘skunk’ or ‘kind’

Mate I smoke skunk most weeks and have been doing since I was 21 (I’m 29 now). I’ve never noticed any change in my memory, loss or otherwise. If you wanna do it again, try it without tobacco in a pipe. Much smoother smoke and not so “rushy”. Also next day I don’t normally feel so slow in the morning. But remember, everyone reacts differently, has different levels of toleration. Just know your limits and you’ll be fine.

It’s not really bad until the boils on your nuts appear. Then your screwed because they often get infected.This takes about 7 days. Of course you’ll be aware this is happening because of the dry patchy skin around your eyes. Basically, you’ll never be normal again. But you’ll be so brain dead you won’t notice your sick, so it all balances out.

Man, lighten up (light up?)…giggling is good and lots of shit ain’t worth remembering anyway.

You’ll be fine.

You guys are fucking ridiculous…trying to scare the poor guy.

Bowley, you are an ill effect. You haven’t noticed a difference because your cranial cavity is filled with sand.
Reggie, ease off on the drugs. I have a much more productive weekend idea. Wake up Saturday morning, go to the gym, shower, read a book, find female companionship, and spend the evening saving your money and your health by avoiding drugs. Trust me, you will enjoy doing the right thing.

I guess the skunk was still making me paranoid about memory lapses. anyway am doin cool now and if anything the weed has really energised my whole life. I haven’t smoked since but I just feel so fuckin alive and just did my best ever squat session. Fuckin A. So much better than living like a fuckin monk. I’ve never felt so hungry to train now I broke out of the monotonous routine.

I’ve been smoking weed since I was 12 and nothing wrong with me. I passed my GED test and everyone at the porno store where I work think I’m smart. I can remember the dates of every Seymore Butts movie released. I think I’m pretty smart too. For exampul, instead of wasting money on rent I live with my parents. I don’t have to worry about impregnating my girlfriend because my sperm count is so low. Condom money saved = more money to spend on my sacred tree. My little cousin is smoking now which meens I we can get high together and since she’s 14 now we can “fool around” when we’re stoned and it’s not against the law here in Misisippy.
You see “first time user”, doing weed is okay. I have plenty of ambitiun two. I might get graveyard manager at the porno stare which meens I get to carry a walky-talky. That’s $8.00 an hour BABY!!! Whose 'da man now?

Your a burnout for life now :wink: