First Cycle Planning

[quote]rowdi wrote:
Hello,i’m 22 years old and i’ve been lifting for 5 years.i’m currently 5 foot 8 and 175 lbs.I’m planning to do my first cycle when summer goals are gaining a moderate amount of lean muscle (10-15lbs) that is keepable without water retention and bloating so mentaining a lean physique.

I considered a cycle like this
Sustanon/Test E 500mg-750mg ew
Turinabol 50-60 mg ed
Pct Nolva/Clomid

My questions are:
1)what’s best cycle duration and when to start pct
2)what kind of syringe should i use.i currently think of 2ml/23g
3)are there better alternatives for my goal?
4)how will adding clenbuterol benefit me and at what dose.


if you want 10-15 lbs of LBM, then a cycle of test e is just fine.

here are a couple threads on estrogen and PCT info: