First Cycle, Everything Is Going Wrong

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I’m sure you obviously got no pre cycle bloodwork and haven’t got bloodwork since?

To be blunt your cycle is total shit. 1mg of adex ed? I bet you tanked your E2 levels.

Your test/sustanon w/e dosage is all fucked up too. 250 is a TRT dose, not sure why you alternate from 250 to 500 to 250 again. Also don’t understand the tapering up and down all over the place of your dbol dosage.

Why does everyone all of a sudden have an “ex pro bodybuilder” friend who suggests these horrible cycles?

Let test clear your system. Wait 2 weeks from last injection and start your PCT and don’t run steroids until you actually read up on them and develop YOUR OWN cycle.[/quote]

Well I had bloodwork tests only before cycle and only my SGOT levels where a bit high but my liver in general was ok…
The reasons for alternations on test was the pain and fever of sustanon…Happened 3 times then I switched to test e but I was on fever for a week so I didn’t risk to inject test e earlier…I was ready to quit but I said I 'll give it a shot with test e (my guy said that test e is crap only sustanon will do the job and he advised me to start with 1 injection every week to see how it will go with the new test)
Same for dianabol…He made the plan…Wish I had came earlier to this site…So many good advise and information from people that know what they are doing…

You might of got shit gear.

I got test flu for like a day on my first cycle and I was pinning prop everyday. I took vitamin C and zinc and that pretty much made me all better.

You need to stop this cycle and PCT. Wait a few months and keep reading. When you’re ready post up your cycle here and we will be glad to help you. But please no more of this tapering up and down. Remember, like everything in life, simple is best.[/quote]

Dianabol and Sustanon were from Keifei Pharma…Test E which I got from a local pharmacy store was from NORMA…
Is there a chance that steroids don’t work for me?Even if this was a terrible cycle drugs are drugs and I think I should have put some kilos on…Not so many as someone else who made a correct and stable cycle but something at least…
Pretty weird isn’t it?[/quote]

well, there are a lot of problems with the cycle that your buddy gave you.

the d-bol at that dose by itself didn’t do much for you, and really should have been taken with the testosterone. sustanon is an interesting compound and might be great for TRT, but sucks for our purposes here. the A-dex dose was too high, and prolly crashed your E2 levels, like Nooberiffic said.

and you need PCT.

here are a couple threads that might help ya out…