FFB Workout Programs?

Calling all FFBs,

I was just wondering, … what are some good programs I can find on this site that would work for an FFB during his painfully slow clean “bulking” once they get down to a low bodyfat percentage?

I was thinking either Waterbury’s Total Body Training, ABBH I or ABBH II for this summer since I’m a student and I’ll have the free time over the summer. Any other ideas? I’m open to any suggestions…

What was the first program you guys did after you cut down?


FFB or no any solid program that is made to bulk. It will then boil down to your diet.

Any and all the ones you listed worked great for me.Main thing is just DO it and eat for your goals.

best of luck,

Thanks Phill, … I’m thinking I’ll do the Total Body Training just because it allows for the opportunity to stay on the program for a while since you change the exercises every 2 weeks.

Be sure to take a look at Chris Shugart’s recent article about clean bulking. And read up on the John Berardi stuff. Both should help you out on the diet aspect of things.

I think the term “clean bulking” is just the new buzz word, not much behind it other than bodybuilding folklore, like muscle burns 35-50 calories a pound.

Just keep your surplus moderate, get enough protein and EFAs, and pick a non retarded training program that has you 1)hitting each bodypart at least two times a week, and 2)has you adding weight to the bar over time.

Hope that helps.