Female hormone help

Any ideas on how to reduce acne and/or improve period frequency and pain for a 24yo untrained female by natural means. Weights v cardio? Flax? Vitex? Soy?? Is acne at this age caused by an excess of a certain homone? The contraceptive pill “brenda” goes some way to helping but isnt desirable long term.

Many females who train hard (weight training, cardio, etc), tend to have missed or spotty periods. For some reason, the training causes changes in their bodies. Many women athletes do not have a period due to the intensity of training. It’s fairly normal.

As for pain, I’ve read that calcium is deficient in most women especially during their periods, and it has been shown that increased calcium during a woman’s period can help decrease pain, cramping and bloating. So get her to take in more calcium during her periods (supplements, dairy products, green leafy veggies). As for getting a more regular period, she would probably need to train less or less intensely.

Oh yeah, women who are anorexic or bulimic have period problems as well. So make sure she isn’t dealing with an eating disorder.

my period is VERY irregular when i’m not on the pill. and the acne is directly relatedto that. the only soultion i have ever heard is the pill, as that sets a specific cycle for the body. acne goes down with the pill also, though more with a ‘tri-phasic’ pill than a single phase pill.

Thanks for the help guys. Still wondering if lifting or cardio can help reduce the acne or if any foods or sups might help. I heard flax can help with period regularity.

I just found out acne is caused by androgens. Could this be managed by increasing estrogen (soy or the like) or by reducing androgens (long cardio session, muscle building lifting)?