Fat Percentage Of Foods

I am curious what most of T-members use as far as % of fat when it comes to cottage cheese and milk. I’ve been buying 4% cottage cheese and 2% milk. I know some say milk is for babies but I’m not sure why when its so full of protein. I put inches around my waist easily so I may be better of with a lower fat version of these.

Also when it comes to margerine, I’ve been using non-hydrogenated w/80% vegetable oil. Any better choices?



I tend to go with the lowest fat I can find, and tolerate, for most of them.

For example, I always go with 1% cottage cheese, because nonfat cottage cheese tastes horrible.

Unless you’re having trouble gaining weight, I can’t think of many reasons to go with high-fat dairy products, if there are lower fat variants available.

Non fat cottage cheese tastes fine to me. I like it on top of my toast.
and even transfat free margarine has transfats in it, they are just in such small quantities (<.5 grams per serving, which is a usually a really small serving) that they are allowed to round down to zero legally. I either use a liquid oil or butter in place of margarine. I’ve never seen a place for margarine in any kitchen, bodybuilder’s or otherwise.