Exercise Selection

Hi all, I have just found this site and am amazed at the wealth of information here.

So since I happen to be a newbie here, I thought I would start off with a couple of questions.

I am not new to lifting weights, but I do not know how to design my own workout program.

Could someone explain to me the science of exercise selection and exercise order?

Another question, I have muscles in my bicep and tricep, but have no definition, yup covered with fat, but that seems to be my problem area. Do I concentrate more on higher reps here?

Looking forward to learning from here.


I think the best thing for you to do at this point would be to do a search on the great T-Nation search engine. Do some research and learn. From there take a look at all of their great programs!

Oh…and welcome to the finest muscle building site on the net!

Zeb, Hi and thanks for the welcome. Search, don’t under estimate all the reading I have done before I was brave enough to post, I intend to use CW’s Programs and was just trying to understand which excercise selection when and why. I have this major v-taper psysique. Being female, I would prefer to be smaller upper body. So do I do lighter weights and more reps or what. I love to utilize the search so what do you recommend I search? TIA


Welcome Sancha,
this site is full of people glad to help, but you won’t get everything done for you. You will need to spend time (weeks I’d guess) reasearching all the info here.
Check out FAQ and all of Tampa Terry’s contributions she is definately a Guru (grin). The search engine is good, but so is just digging into the archives.
Happy reading.
BTW high rep / low wt. is not an approach you will find reccomended here. Fat, wherever it is comes off from diet manipulation and energy system work- cardio and HIIT, search for these.
Good look and again welcome.

Old Dax

With minor exception, fat loss will not be localised. Search for ‘meltdown training’ - the original program has a brief overview of this. In short, your body will burn fat in a general order, with localized fat loss minimal.


Don’t bother with higher reps. That sounds like spot reduction which was debunked as a myth yrs (and yrs) ago.

If I were you I’d diet down until I could see the muscle, then go on a mass cycle to try and increase the size.

It definitely sounds like you need to lose some body fat. All the info you need is around here somewhere. Search is your friend. 'luck.