Estrogen Blockers, Side Effects?

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Can I be on test all year round, if so, what should I worry about?

I know I need an estrogen blocker, i’ve heard Letrozole is a good one, how should I take it and is it an over-the-cunter product? & how will having no estrogen at all affect me?

I’ve also heard that I need something to protect my liver, hair, balls and something to controll my sex-drive. I know nothing about this, so the more in-depth the more i’ll appreciate it. :smiley: Excuse my noobyness.


You are no where near ready to touch T. You know nothing. What is an estrogen blocker??? never head of it. I know about AI’s and SERMS…Do you?

You gotta control that sex drive for sure…You wouldn’t want to be running around tren-raping people…or objects.

I know thats why i’m here… oO

I dont know what AI’s and SERMS are, what are they?

I’ve heard I need something to stop the test converting to estrogen, and Letrozole is one. Basically so you dont get bitch-tits & get acne, right?[/quote]