Effective Macrocycle

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned a program (link at bottom) to someone wondering what they should do for strength training while training martial arts.

I adapted the strength training to my own plan and had some pretty good results. I’d like to share them with all of you.

One thing that might be different from some of you is the amount of running I did. This included two 4.5 mile runs a week and two other interval runs on a track. What I find most interesting is the way my strength improved along with the energy systems involved in those runs.

Here are the results:

January 12 or 13 (did these on two separate days):
Power Clean: 235 x 1
Front Squat: 285 x 3
Military Press: 155 x 3
Weighted Chins: 195 bw + 90 x 2
Four Mile Run: 34:04

February 2:
Power Clean: 245 x 1 (10 lbs.)
Front Squat: 305 x 3 (30 lbs.)
Military Press: 175 x 3 (20 lbs.)
Weighted Chins: 195 bw + 100 x 3 (10+ lbs)

February 1 four and one half mile run: 35:48.

I should note that all four of these exercises were weak points of mine. I had hardly done any front squats, cleans, or overhead work since I began lifting 3 years ago.

Also, you’ll notice that chins aren’t listed on the program’s exercise list. I added those in and used the same rep scheme as for the squats and pressing.

Two days a week is sometimes all you need!

Hope this helps someone out there.



Forgot to say that I used the preparatory cycle for the past month.