E2 Management - Understanding Lab Results, Need Help

Well there’s your problem, larger doses of test will further drive SHBG downwards, that’s a horrible protocol your doctor put you on. You need much smaller doses more frequently, with an SHBG of 13 you require at a minimum EOD or better every day injections! You’re practically dumping your free testosterone out before you body utilises it. I inject in my outer thighs and it’s painless. Ever wonder why recovery is taking longer than you would have hoped for? Your doctor should have put you on EOD or ED injections with an SHBG that low. Breaking up those doses into small ones should make a world of difference for you. My SHBG a few months ago was @18 (11-78 nmol) and since I switched to twice weekly injections I’m noticing changes already after 5 weeks, after my next set of labs I’m going to switch to EOD injections after I see where my SHBG is at.