Downloading Torrents?

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Anyone actually purchase a rapidshare account? Are there any benefits other than not having to wait 30 minutes between downloads?[/quote]

Yeah, I have 2. I can download up to 20gb a day with them, their servers have never been down on me (in the past 2-3 years or so), and I always get full speed from my connections.

This means you don’t rely on other people seed files with you.

Obvious benefits are you don’t need to wait as well as queing downloads makes like really easy. now has over 1 million members and tons of links.

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I still use Azureus (currently known as Vuze). Can anyone tell me the benefits of uTorrent over Azureus? [/quote]

Azureus/Vuze is open-source cross-platform software. uTorrent most certainly isn’t.

Azureus/Vuze is packed with features, plugins and everything but the kitchen sink. That said, it runs on Java which makes it eat up much of the resources on my 8 years old computer. The smaller memory footprint, as far as I know, is the only benefit of uTorrent over Azureus.

I use Vuze as my downloader but get my movies and everything from , though for music I just use frostwire.

I just finished listening to Crack the skye…If your a mastodon fan you won’t be dissapointed.Killer album.

I used to use kazaa, then went to bittorrent.
also use pirate bay, mininova, or just google the search for the torrent.
also has tv shows for download.

As a side note, what do you guys use to get rid of all the crap that comes with the torrent files? (spybots, malware, viruses etc…)
Have had to slick the hard drive a couple of times from bittorrents…

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I just finished listening to Crack the skye…If your a mastodon fan you won’t be dissapointed.Killer album.[/quote]

X480484547040. Holy shit. Oblivion is my new favorite song.

why is finding music on torrents so hard?

I’m trying to find a few basic songs and no luck on Pirate Bay, Iso, or MiniNova.

am I doing something wrong? videos and movies are easy to find, music is a PITA


I use piratebay and mininova for the music torrents most of the time. I usually just search google for say… Talib Kweli discography torrent, and I get a few good places to choose from.

If you all are looking for private trackers you could try


Registration is a pain in the ass but you will always get max download speeds for every new torrent, It caries packs of games/shows/movies/music and the latest releases of everything you could imagine.

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Yeah, that and is all you need.

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ucallthatbass wrote:


Yeah, that and is all you need.[/quote]

I’ve heard demonoid is great, but thepiratebay rarely has whatever I’m looking for. Btjunkie has a much larger selection.

Private trackers are best… Better befriend someone that has access to invites to the 2big music sites and all the 0-day/scene trackers and general tracker sites. Theres a tracker for everything… you just gotta know who to ask… Demonoid/Piratebay and all those mininova type trackers are ok but aint shit compared to a good private tracker… Oh and VUZE…