Do Christians Condone Israeli Ethnic Cleansing of Muslims and Christians?

So as a Muslim I have to pre-emptively denounce others behaviours? Yeah not a bigoted thing to presume I support the Taliban because I didn’t state otherwise. Totally normal expectations.

Sure. Not just going to be you posting so you don’t have to do so from the main account.

I swear it’s not me. I have a fraternal twin, i’ve mentioned it before

I’m literally right next to him now, he’s writing while I’m writing

@Chris_Colucci this is acceptable correct? I promise it’s not duplicate account. I can verify my identity through email to you if absolutely required to show that it’s not a duplicate

By that, do you mean let’s not pretend you tried diverting a thread about civilian gun ownership into a thread about Sharia law? Because that’s what I saw happen and that’s what I was fixing.

You’ve now been given several direct warnings about not talking threads off-topic, so don’t complain if you’re reprimanded for veering off-track again.

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When did I ask you to denounce anyone’s behavior? I asked a simple question.

Did you regard the Taliban as an example of “holistic Islamic governance”.

You could have said, “No.” and that would be the end of it.

Don’t try to bullshit your way out of this. I can easily go find the original quote and post the question I asked if I can be bothered to.

Who renamed yusafs username?

Yeah thats a lie isn’t it though. I said Muslim places with open access to Guns were safer statistically than America in a single post. About 20 people then proceeded to mention me and question me about Islam. To which I responded. To which I said lets move the discussion but kept getting mentioned. None of their posts about terrorism or Islam were deleted but they were wildly off topic.

If I started grilling you about being from Israel and questioning if you supported Israeli terrorism, or saying Muslims could glass you back to the stone age and you responded, I take it you would be pretty stunned if that response was then deleted and the posts claiming you support terrorism because you are an Israeli jew and posts about nuking Israel stayed up, right?

And I said they weren’t. Bringing into account laws based around reporting sexual assault and whatnot condemning victims for infidelity.

You brought up Shariah law and a large can of man eating worms opened up.

I didn’t open them though did I. Go look at the thread, my posts are all responses. At least grant that man, this is preposterous, go look.

No one ever said @Chris_Colucci was Jewish, I never said I was Isreali.

I’m Australian

LMAO you said you are jewish and you have so much loyalty to Israel because it is the only place you can go if shit hits the fan. You are a completely dishonest actor.

I said I would GO to Isreal. I don’t live there nor am I Isreali

Isreali would imply I was born there or had a current residency/citizenship

Who’s lying now? I said I used the wrong terminology when I used the words “communist STATE” and that I should have written “country” or “society” instead. And I added that I would have let it go and written it off as a misunderstanding but you still persisted in misconstruing my words while dodging my obvious points because you obviously don’t know the bloody history of the regimes you brought up.

Oh, and I did see your most recent retort to that exchange and you just kept repeating the same thing over again still misconstruing my words as if saying it enough times is going to make something true. I gave you the benefit of the doubt that I did create a misunderstanding the FIRST TIME but here you are in this thread still doing it.

Who said you are Israeli?

You did

Wait… Sorry… Got confused.

There are multiple threads here, it’s confusing

No you said you can’t believe sharia is good, you brought it up derailing the conversation, to which i responded.

He is an Israeli zionist. suprised pikachuface.jpg

I created this thread to talk about this topic, you followed me here and derailed it talking about another thread. Go away.

WHO is an Isreali Zionist?

This is so convoluted

Paste the post?