d-ribose , L-glutamine , hydrolized protein

Is d-ribose any good? What about glutamine? Is it really possible to get results by using this stuff? do they work? I m rather advanced in body-building, so placebo-stuff don t have any(psycological) effect on me.I don t really trust supplements.I am thinking of using d-ribose before and after my workouts. Glutamine:in the morning and after workout.The hydrolized protein after my workouts.What do you think?

thanks for your reply timbo. Is it really 17g/kg of bodyweight? If i weigh 300 pounds (135kg) it s 17*135=2295g= 2 1/4 kg of glutamine…I m glad it s only on workout days…I can t really imagine myself sitting in the gym (white as a ghost becouse of all the powder)with a spoon in my hand trying to put 2 kg of this stuff under my tongue(thats how it must be taken, right?).could you correct the misstake?(if there is one…).thank you.I would appreciate any information.