Cuttin stage questions..

I am about to embark on a cuttin stage.
What differences are there in routines,diet etc.In other words,what changes do u all usually make to your mass-building routines.
And what about diet?Do u all also had some supplements?
Also,in the cuttin stage,what should I expect from it? A loss of bodyfat I know.Would I lose some muscle? Anything else?

I just want to make sure I do it right and don’t end up losing all my muscle and becoming skinny or whatever.Thanks.

Read the site especially the FAQ and the “diet manefesto”. Also there are tons of other articles dealing with this so read read then read somemore.

So you’ve never done a cutting phase eh? Welcome to a world of hell!! This sport is hard enough with the dedication required to training, food selection and the time needed to spend doing it but with the addition of cutting you will find out why it is so difficult. Most people dont have the mental resolve to reach their goals and instead make excuses…especially when it comes to getting their diets in order. Now for some answers to your questions.

#1. Your weight training routine does not matter a whole lot when cutting…I think you should still maintain some heavy sets to maintain strength and muscle size but you could also get great results following a GBC type program. You’ll probably have to add in some cardiovascular activity as well.
#2. If you’ve been following a mass building diet and you’ve been gaining weight then you’ll need to subtract some calories to figure out how many calories it takes to maintain your weight. After you have this number simply deduct 300-500 calories per day as a starting point.

#3. As far as supplements go thermogenic compounds and other fat loss supps such as T2 really help to get the fat loss going. Anabolics such as androsol etc. help to maintain the muscle while dieting. You’ll probably lose a tad of muscle even if you do everything 100% correct…just try to avoid pissing away a lot of muscle by cutting calories too much and overdieting.
#4. Here is how I recommend people use aerobics and supplements for fat loss. If you have enough time then this will work for you as well. First, get your diet and training (weight training not cardio) in order and see how your body responds, you’ll probably find you’ll shed quite a bit just from the diet. Second, when you stop shedding the fat from diet and weights alone add in about 20-30 minutes worth of cardio on training days. When this stops working add in 20-30 minutes of cardio in the morning on non-training days along with the cardio on training days. When this stops working keep diet and training the same but add in some thermogenic products such as MD6 and T2.(take the recommended amount) If you do this and still don’t get as lean as you need you could add in another morning session of cardio on training days along with lowering your carbohydrate intake down to 60 grams or less per day for a couple of weeks and this should do the trick.

Lots of questions there. You better start by reading the “Diet Manifesto” article in the previous issues section of T-mag. That will answer a lot of your questions and get you on the right path.

I think most people would recommmend something like androsol. I myself say that post-workout nutrition would be all the more important when dieting. Also make sure you’re getting enough protein if you’re cutting calories.


Holy Friggin’ ShitBalls! My man Kelly just friggin’ laid out the P-L-A-N on a silver platter, and what does he get: “Thanks.” Dayum! Kelly…another marvelous response, bro…and we’ve come to expect nothing less:-) Hopefully others will catch this too and benefit from your opinions.

Kenny, bro, some good advice there by Kelly and a ton more on the site. Before you jump in the water, it's probably best to do some research and be confident. I think not cutting calories too quickly and overdoing things in the gym are probably the biggest mistakes--Kelly points this out--and lead to quick "weight" loss, which will include some muscle. So, take it gradually and feel free to shoot off some more Q's as soon as you do some more research.

Kelly’s a guy?

Dude hehe…I wanted to reply and give a big thanks to Kelly but…I didn’t want to say
“THAAAAAAAAAAAAAANKS KELLY” and “thanks” to the “other people”…I wanted to be fair and I appreciate everyone’s response.If Kelly wanted to go all out and be generous about info,I salute him because he makes this place better for people like me…so…Kelly,no offence man if I didn’t give a big smooch.

Kenny…it’s all good, bro! My man Kelly knows he’s the shiznit, so it doesn’t even phase him:-) I was just pullin’ your chain anyway, chief…you’ll realize I’m just a big goon and love to play games. What’s the PLAN lookin’ like, my man?