Congressman Ron Paul Gets It Right

Congressman Ron Paul of Texas has written an
excellent essay about the “state of affairs”
in the US after the terrorist attacks. It also
details some of the implications of the “war
on terrorism” and some other “wars.” He is so
right on. You can read it here:

9/11 Was Preventable - LewRockwell

Paul’s a slug. He was my sister’s OBGYN in 1972 and told her that if she wanted to lose weight during her pregnancy she should start smoking. Fortunately my nephew was OK at birth and has always been in good health. That peckerwood still peeves me when he opens his mouth. I can honestly tell you that I can’t find anyone from Brazoria county that voted for the meat sack. Gerrymandering anyone?

sprout: wow, your post is an excellent example
of an ad hominem attack, and completely
irrelivent to the subject. Does your comment
have anything to do with the vailidity
of the content of his article? No. Not to
mention that I find your story lacking in
any credibility that an MD would recommend

Excellent article. Ron Paul is one of the nation’s few libertarian political figures.