Combivent (ipratropium bromide and albuterol sulfate) Inhaler

Can you guys help me out? Im taking a combivent inhaler for my asthma. But I want to take MD6 for fatloss. Can I substitute my inhaler with MD6 for asthma and weight loss because ephedrine is also a bronchillator? or is it possible to take both? I know that MD6 has warnings against usage with asthma medication, but is it ok to use with my inhaler? I currently take 2 sprays 4 times a day.

and last of all, does epehdrine have any adverse reactions when mixed with smoking marijuana? =)

I’m also on an albuterol inhaler for asthma. I take MD6 like candy and it have had no adverse reactions, if anything my asthma has gotten better. They do not recommend putting the two together, but I did it anyway to try it for myself. About the marijuana, smoking up is going to make your asthma worse plus is not a good idea for quite a few reasons for bodybuilding purposes.

Dude. Slow down. Two things. First of all what is your diet like? When my diet was out of whack I was taking my asthma spray as much as you are. However once I decreased carbs to 100-150gr per day and increased omega-3s to about 3-6gr a day my asthma went away. Yes you heard me correctly went away. Now I only use my spray during extremely heavy activity. Even then most of the time I do not need it. I would look at that first if I were you also checkout lef dot org for information on anti-oxitants you may want to get. As far as smoking goes. Expect it to take you out for at least a week esepecially from any severe areobic activity. Like let’s say you normally run 3 miles every am smoke some then the following day expect to get 1.5 maybe… I have found it is just not worth it. As far as the md 6 mixing question answer is how is your heart? You got good BP, Heartrate, no murmurs etc. Then you should be fine if you have any heart/BP conditions at all do not mix them. Peace,