Cold fingers and toes

I have noticed that my fingers and toes are cold all the time. Also my fingers are slightly yellow colored also around my mouth faintly. What is this?

When you are smoking your cigarette angle it so the smoke rises directly in the air, without the smoke combing your fingers. Secondly the James Dean style of letting your cigarette burn while keeping it between your lips the entire time is dead like him. Hope it helps :slight_smile:

If you don’t smoke go see your doctor, you might have diabetes.

oh no! the black death is back! aaaaaaahhhh!!
But seriously. I don’t know. If your fingers and toes are cold and maybe numb and tingly, you could have lockjaw. go ahead and cut them suckers off. Then again, I’ve heard from diabetics that they get numb and tingly in their digits… so that might be it. hope that helps!

Have you been on a cutting cycle for a long time? I find when I diet for a long period, my fingers and toes get cold as my metabolism starts to slow down.