Coach Davies' monkey bars routine

i posted a request for some of your routines done on the monkey bars and i got some get some get advice from my follow T-men but before you (coach davies) posted one of your routine a agrueement over HIT took place and kicked my question to the side…so i am asking if you can post a few for me please, as i told you in the oringal post i have never done any work on a monkey bar

Good to hear back from you - The first step in performing any bar work is addressing grip strength - because the demands of time under tension are rather extraordinary. I would start with simple bar hangs, and then progress to “walking” across one rung at a time. Tell me how that goes and I will be happy to talk of you of some of the more complex stuff. In faith. Coach Davies

thanks coach, sounds like a plan, right after football ends (in about two weeks) I will be hitting the wieghtroom and the monkey bars hard, i will keep you posted