Center Of Attention

Hi Everyone ,

Just a weird question here but does anyone when they go somewhere
eg-family function,friends wedding,club,gym always end up the centre of attention.

See say i go to a wedding,there is always people standing around me ,either making fun of me or talking to me(im cheeky so i dont care being teased as i can give as good as i can take)
Another example is a family member alway mentioning ur name or asking u a question when u just walk past them ,sota just to make thmeselves feel more important by mentioning your name or talking to u.
This all might sound weird but im generally pretty shy and like my own space,but there are always people visiting me and just trying to embarras me,it gives me the shits but when i tr to stick up for myslef people that are in the room look at me like im the bad guy :frowning:
Probably just being paranoid or weird but id like to hear of any other story’s like mine if anyone has any.


I know what you mean. It does seem a bit odd at times. A post like this one could get flammed bigtime… I’ll wait to see what else gets posted before I talk anymore about some of the silly stuff that has happened to me…:wink:

HHH: You are a prima donna little wuss. “Everybody loves me and I hate it!!” Waaaaaa. Go find a shrink, okay? You ARE NOTHING. People don’t like you, okay? We don’t like you. I don’t like you. Why did you even post your stupid little rant? Because we don’t care. At all. We don’t give a crap.

Hehehehe, just funnin’ ya bro. :slight_smile:

You’re right because – look! Once again, somebody (me) stopped by for no other reason than just to heckle you. Truth is, big-hearted, easy-going people unconsciously attract others to them because one way or another, it’s fun for them to be around us. Personally, I take it as a compliment that so many people like to barge in on me and interact with me. Sucks bein’ popular!! :slight_smile:

Loth hit it on the head. You are cool, so others try to steal you’re essence from you by soaking up as much of you as they can. Let them have it, the nice thing about being cool is that if people try to “steal” it from you and you give it to them freely, that just makes you even cooler.

To define what I mean when someone tries to “steal” your coolness, like say if someone feels you are cooler than they are, human nature in most cases instructs them to A) either try to act cooler than you, or B) try to make you look less cool. You get this when somone is telling out of control stories or jokes or some other form of attention grabber. (mostly annoying) or they are trying to take jabs at you and poke fun at you. (either friendly or not) If you shrug this stuff off and even encourage it a little, You may find that it quashes thier competetive human nature as they subconsiosly realize you are the dominant personality as far as coolness goes. (showing no weakness of being not cool) if you get angry or short with them, they subconsiosly view this as a weakness and the whole blood in the water reaction may occur when they continue said behavior.

If anyone follows that whole thing go see a shrink.

Vegita ~ Prince of all Sayajins

Thanks for your reply’s guys

Yeah it does suck bein cool :slight_smile:

Its really not that big of a deal,just wanted to have a bit of a rant.
Thanks again

Especially when you’re big, too. Biig and cool and relatively succesful in life and people will gravitate to you.