Caffeine Dose & Longevity

That’s called “kokkaffe”. It’s great, especially over an open fire on a hike. It’s worth the extra weight.

People who drink coffee every day and don’t have any caffeine with them on a trek can make for poor company. I’ve learned to bring along extra caffeine tabs incase the coffee equipment gets left behind just in case.

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I’m Scottish and walkers are more likely to be willing to haul an extra kilo or two if it’s cans of beer. It’s amazing how often you see guys at the top of a mountain sipping on lager, obviously more at summer time. One old timer told me him and his mate drank so much when they woke up it was dark and they had to descend in the dark!

I’m always interested in how health-minded guys manage to work alcohol into the diet and stay lean (if that is the goal). I’ve always preferred eating my calories and find it’s better for appetite control.

If we are talking about ONE beer, perhaps once a week with dinner the impact re body composition is going to be negligible.

If you are going to bypass this and you wish to drink in order to get drunk… alcohol = empty calories. Acetaldehyde is toxic to just about every organ in the body. Binge drinking also appears to increase PTP1B concentrations within the hypothalamus, also leads to low grade systemic inflammation both of which can cause insulin resistance (myriad of other mechanisms too, however I highly doubt you’ll develop steatosis from occasionally getting drunk). Insulin resistance = harder to stay lean.

How can you get around this? well… binge drinking causes damage, can’t get around that… binge draining also causes one to crave fatty, greasy foods… it’s actually somewhat equitable to getting the munchies, though it’s not quite as horrific in the advent you can’t find some pizza.

However some drinks have more calories/standard drink. I’ll state first and foremost my advice is “don’t drink”, but some drinks have less calories/standard drink… that’s the way to go about it…

I used to drink quite a lot (ages 18 3/4 til 19 1/2). I was a “weekend warrior” and it had a negative impact on body composition.

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I noticed a marked increase in my muscle size the year I dropped drinking to “nursing” a single beer all night when clubbing on Friday and Saturday night.

I did use more black coffee as a comfort drink when doing intense dieting, but never after my late afternoon workouts.


Same…and right around the same age (though my period of drinking lasted longer, roughly 18-23). Even though I lifted 5-6 times a week and was mindful of my diet, you’d have no idea because I drank so much a couple times a week. Regular ol’ dad bod.

When I do drink now, it’s pretty much always a zero-cal mixer with straight liquor, like gin and soda or rum and diet.

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Coffee is the largest source of antioxidants for most Americans.

I prefer brewed coffee over espresso, lighter to medium roasts over darker roasts, while milk is acceptable to cut espresso in small amounts, no milk should ever be added to brewed coffee… If you need milk, it’s a bad cup of coffee.

Coffee is easy to be bougie on a budget with. A v60, some filters, a hand grinder and some good beans is it all you need for PHENOMINAL coffee.

I truly treasure mine