Bulldog: Rebuilding the Old Dog


Seated BTNP: 5/3/1 pro 5 Joker , FSl

Shoulder saver CG bench : 5 x 8

Pulldowns CG : 50/5 @ Sw TR 53… was feeling the after effects of the Deadlift rows from the other day.

K Shrugs : 50/3 @ SW. TR 60

pretty easy session felt somewhat strong

OK… going into a deload next wave.


:grimacing:…A little early for that pic.

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Squat: 5/3/1 DELOAD

ok got stupid… used a actual powerbar on all sets. Right shoulder socket was " oh fuck you"

GMs : 3 x 10 @ sw
Step ups: 3 x 5 @ Sw
Standing cable crunches : 3 x 10 @ Sw

I actually needed this deload.


This is how i feel this morning…

Between overly tight pecs and decrease external rotation ROM in the left shoulder.
I should not be surprised since i forced the issue getting back under a straight bar.



Bench: 5/3/1 deload.

Did the same assesory stuff as last week same reps and weight.

My schedule is off so i went ahead and got my session in today. Was dragging ass a little.


Interesting note…oldest son flew out of indianapolis to Boston today for a national conference. To do a presentation on a research project hes involved with.

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Kb swings: 2x25… woke a few things up
Deadlift: 5/3/1 Deload

Deadlift rows: 3X8@Sw… went a little heavier on these. Still trying to get the form down ,what there is. Need to focus on bracing better. Gotten rusty.

Step ups: 2x5 @ Sw … somehow tweeked the left knee. That pretty much ended it.


I told my Lady id like to get back to gorilla mode for better or worse.

She honestly said she doesnt know how she would feel about it. After showing her some pics she said she found it slightly intimidating.


Left knee is pissed… gimping around at work.

Didnt get my over head in yesterday… seems as if i have come down with a bug.

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Sorry to hear that. Feel better soon!

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Thanks… hadnt felt 100% all last week. My lady was feeling bad last weekend. Guess i picked it up.( would explain why the deload felt ridiculously hard). Hopefully i will feel better by tomorrow as i move into another lifting cycle.


Plan on squatting today. If the knee feels ok.

Fuck these shoes… worst purchase i ever made. Cant get them broke in and they kill my feet. Going back to a pair that still gets the job done.




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I feel similarly about squatting in my Nike Romaleos. One of my few home gym purchase mistakes, and the most expensive.

I even have two different sizes, and tried various combinations of the insoles, since I could never figure out how to make them feel right.

Went back to barefoot.

Overhead presses did feel a touch nicer in them though.

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Nawh…ill pass

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come on old man time to get some flexibility back onto those ankles

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Yeah i pretty much pissed away $100 on mine.

Same here … tried with and without insoles. Even laced them different along with letting the oldest son wear them for awhile. Just didn’t care how they fell.

At least the inzer pillars do have a elevated heels. In retrospect i view them as a cross between a lifting shoe and a chuck.

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I’m with @simo74 – never going back to squatting in heels.

Edit: Those Inzer shoes look like Inzer just copied the SAFE USA shoe.


Actually my ankles are pretty flexible.

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