Bulldog: Rebuilding the Old Dog

365x5 for the Pup. He said he kept 2 or 3 in the tank.

At the moment his game plan for himself is to maintain a base level of strength. As he focuses on his goal of upping his cardio capacity and dropping 20lbs of Bw.

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dumb dog

Bench : 5/3/1 pro 5… worked up again after base sets . 30 % over TM
( 5 x 20 band pull aparts , each set between the warm up sets on bench)
Incline db press: 30/3 TR 41
DB rows: 45/4. TR 52
Skull crushers : 35/3. TR 36
Axel curl : 25/3. TR 26… Jesus these were brutal. This is a home made bar with a 2.5 inch diameter. Shes a unforgiving bitch.

This session took way longer than it should…
Wasn’t actually racing the clock.


Ugh… the 2.5 Axel Bar pretty much torched me.

Today my hands , forearms and biceps are asking " what are you? FUCKING STUPID!?"

ME: YEP! Hold on boys we are doing it again next week!


Im going to start doing these on off days .
Id like to get back under a regular bar again.
I have doubt its going to take awhile.

500x 5 … for Pup

Earned that one.

Probably because he used bumper plates :grin:


Tried the mobility drill for squats yesterday.
I think it will get the job done… but i know its going to be several weeks of doing it consistently before i put a conventional bar across my back. For the record the stretch does sucks due to my current shoulder mobilty along with being overly tight in certain muscles.

^^ kind of appropriate

Also might need to bite the bullet and track my cals for awhile. Since unfortunately i store the majority of my fat as visceral fat. A family trait.


Good luck with the back squats.

I gave up on back squats when my shoulders would not cooperate. Two months’ physical therapy worked for awhile, but problem came back. Lotta guys seem to have that problem. If you’re determined to do them, get an SSB bar. I had one, it worked well, but eventually just gave it away.

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Yeah i got a ssb elite yoke … plus a buffalo bar. But i would like to be able to get back under a standard bar again.



Deadlift: 5/3/1 pro 5… just did the base . Felt off tonight. Body didnt want to get with the program

Step ups : 16inch box 5x5 @ sw .
Kettle bell swings : 50 lbs a few sets for 50 reps. Nothing heavy … focused in getting the glutes to fire.

Standing cable crunches : 5 x 10 @ sw.
Thinking of dusting off the ab wheel.


Ab wheel. Jeez. I recommend drinking about 2 liters of water daily. It works.

Just looking to keep core strength… zero concerns about a six pack.

Working the whole weekend along with some obligations tonight. Feeling like ive been hit my a bus.

Got a feeling im going to need to shift my session tomorrow to Monday

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Yep… shifting the training day.

To all you moms out there


I find it cringe worthy when someone comes on here and talks about their cycle.

More specifically when they do that and a few days later ask for basic programming advice.

Let me get this straight… your somehow smart enough to run a cycle but not smart enough or experienced enough to come up with a basic training template?

Ehhhh… go figure.


^^ for clarification im not talking about guys who are put on TRT by a doc at actual treatment levels.

Seated BTNP : 5/3/1 pro 5… kept working up with 10 % jumps. Ended up 60% over my last base set. Ok maybe my TM might be a little too low.

CG bench ( shoulder saver) : 5 x 8 @ sw too light

CG pull downs: 50/ 5 TR 53

K SHRUGS: 50/2 @ SW TR 50.

FYI …im using a pro 5 variant from Beyond 5/3/1


Word of warning… ill probably be ranting about certain training subjects on this thread.

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Well… veins are popping in the forearms and can see the bicep one. Always a indicator im lossing some bodyfat. Its a miracle! :laughing:

Still working on shoulder mobilty.
1st goal on this is just to be able to get under a Buffalo bar and hopefully progress to a regular power bar.


Bicep veins for the win. :muscle: