Between Workout Drinks

I read a post on hydration during work out and I bought some Sugar Free SOBE NO FEAR drink
it has
2g. carbs
2g. protein
og. sugar

IS it a good hydration product.a 4pk cost 6.49.

Are you asking if it is a better product than water for hydration?

No there was a post last week about drinking a low carb drink during work out.
well before,during then protein shake after.

Personally I’d keep the $6.50, buy an extra bag of beef jerky and just drink water during workouts.

But that’s just me.

Sugar free SOBE No Fear is marketed as a “super energy supplement drink” (I have a can on my desk right now). I doubt that it’s meant to be a hydration drink. Even though most of it is water. Plain water is great for hydration. (Duh)

One purpose of most drinks marketed as hydration (like Powerade or Gatorade) is that they have sugars and salts in them that make you thirstier so you will drink more water and thus forces you to stay hydrated.