Been Prescribed TRT, Progress Thread

Yes, I told you a couple weeks ago about a Facebook group called “Adrenal Fatigue and Thyroid Care” in which they can give you free help to fix that. It is an amazing group.

Yes I asked there but it was difficult because posting there is very rarely allowed and I did not get useful answers. My cortisol is strange and every time I measure it it is different

What did they say?

And how was your thyroid values again?

I honestly don’t think i need more frequent injections… It’s so hard for me to do more than twice a week anyway because i am always on the move… There are people who do fine with once a week or once every two weeks. There are people doing absolutely fine with Nebido , once every 8 weeks…
I am sure i will have same , if not more of these symptoms with more frequent inj. than twice a week. I will first fix my thyroid and cortisol/adrenal issues and if i still have problems , then i will try ED TRT protocol for the heck of it.

A lot of people do fine with once per week, but most of them don’t know if they will not do better with ED :slight_smile:

I know it is pain in the ass, but this is subtlety of not just being fine, but being optimal. Regarding your cortisol sleep issues I would say any hormonal fluctuation may be detremential for you, and 2 per week definitely causes fluctuations. Maybe it’s not the dose your issue but the frequency. On your place I would definitely try that no matter how difficulty it may seem. And I know from people when you get enough experience putting the injection becomes easier than brushing your teeth.


Nothing in particular except that morning cortisol looked a bit low, but on the next week I made big blood work with serum cortisol where the morning one was almost at the top of the range.

So to be honest currently I will listen only to the doctor I will consult tomorrow and I suspect we will move our focus from thyroid and adrenals to fist optimizing testosterone levels and see where the others fall. Who knows, they may either improve or the symptoms there get reduced as well. To be honest I’m a bit tired of complicating stuff and investigating my endocrine issues.

Wait, your tested your cortisol through the saliva test or through the blood test? Cortisol blood test are worthless.

I just don’t want you to fall in the same trap as I did which was first only focusing on getting my testosterone levels perfect instead of my thyroid and adrenal glands, since it just put more stress on my thyroid and adrenals which caused even more problem.

But if you have a good doctor that truly understands how to get optimal thyroid, adrenal glands and testosterone levels than that sounds great and you should go with that.

And finally, trying to understand and fix all the different hormones and vitamins can be a huge pain in the ass but it is so worth it getting it all fixed.

That’s what happened in my case… TRT depleted my ferritin big time… I just didn’t know ferritin deficiency would cause insomnia… Also my RBC has increased close to top of the range.

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The doctor is really good but he is not in my country so we will do online consultation only. This is the best I can get here. Hope he can solve what is needed to be done.

As I know other progressive doctors want to optimize testosterone first before touching the other hormones. I hope testosterone will balance my adrenals and reduce the constant stress and anxiety I experience all the time with no apparent reason. When I injected 10mg suspension base for testing purposes(this is pure testosterone without ester that is immediately available for consumption by the cells) I felt really more calm and relaxed :slight_smile:

Yes, low ferritin has a clear correlation with RLS.

And speaking of sleep apnea, low ferritin and iron can worsen your thyroid and there are studies that shows that people with hypothyroidism (and hypothyroidism can cause low ferritin and iron as well) have higher rates of sleep apnea which improves very quickly by thyroid medication.

Do you have blood work for thyroid values?

Last 5 lab result averages;

T3 - (80-200 ng/dL) - 76 ng/dL
T4 - (5-14 ug/dL) - 5.90 ug/dL
Free T3 - (2.04-4.40 pg/mL) - 2.80 pg/mL
Free T4 - (0.93-1.71 ng/dL) - 1.11 ng/dL
RT3 - (90-215 pg/mL) - 155 pg/mL (latest is 139)
TSH - 2.92 uIU/mL (Although my last 3 labs show my TSH close to 1.15… Yet my other thyroid levels haven’t changed much.Mind blowing stuff.)

Today i am currently doing the saliva test. Will get the results in upcoming days.

Yeah, you 100% have hypothyroidism, which could explain your low ferritin values.

Once you have your 4 point cortisol saliva test, you can start getting your thyroid, iron and adrenal in perfect shape,

The good thing is that you will notice even a bigger difference when you get all of these things under control than you did just by using TRT.


Hopefully it will be just as you say… Thanks!

My ferritin levels were fine by the way , before TRT … I experienced a sudden big drop in ferritin after couple of months on TRT.

I will mention you here when i got my cortisol results but unfortunately may lab will show them as “less than” or “more than” goals , no ranges. Do you think this will be an issue to determine my outcome?

Also i still can’t decide between NDT , T3 only or T4 only. I have slightly elevated RT3.

@marsaday changed my mind to try T4 only first… I think i will give it a go…

Sounds good, let me know how it goes. I know low testosterone can be very taxing on the adrenals and other parts of the body so that might be one of the main causes behind your cortisol problems.

And if you don’t get better in a couple of months, then you will know at least what you need to improve with you TRT.

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Post the cortisol values here once you have them, even though they might no be the exact type we are looking for.

And NO, for the love of god, don’t start with T4-only (never just use T4-only) since you already have way too high RT3 and T4-only treatment will just make you feel even more hypothyroidism.

Since there are no good options anymore of NDT, I would recommend for you to start with T3-only treatment until you have fixed the cause behind your high RT3 (which I believe is mainly due to low iron) and the RT3 has gone down to the right levels. And then you can add in T4 with the T3.

You should also be prepared to use some kind adrenal support if your cortisol test doesn’t turn out to be good, especially if you have adrenal fatigue.

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@kratom_dumper Or he can ask for compounded NDT? I know the progressive doctors use that a lot from Empower Pharmacy.

Also I hear Thyroid-S is not bad but has a lot of fillers

Hope this is the case, my theory is also like this - that I compensate for lack of testosterone with adrenal hormones, but this is just a theory

Thank you. I know it’s not , but that’s what the labs does over here. I couldn’t find a lab that does it with proper ranges. I will still post them definitely.
That sounds like a good plan and that is actually what i’ve had in mind until i was almost convinced for the T4 only option :slight_smile: I have Thyroid-S in hand (from Thailand). Is that no good too ?

According to STTM, due to changes within the last 2 years, there are no good and consistent NDTs from North America anymore, I still think some of the NDTs from Europe are okay.

But I still wouldn’t recommend him to start with NDT until he has gotten his high RT3 in the right range.

What was your thyroid values again?

It is usually hypothyroidism that causes adrenal fatigue which can only be fixed by fixing the thyroid.

But it is hard to say if it is the thyroid or testosterone causing your adrenal fatigue without having all the values.

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