Arimidex Not Agreeing with Me

You don’t want to switch to androgel. They actually fixed some of the aromatase issues when they came out with androgel 1.62%. With 1.62, you only apply it to the shoulder area instead of the abdomen as well. They found that applying it to the abdomen was causing more aromatase.

Anyhow, I haven’t found anything saying that you’re going into the office for injections or self-injecting? You would be better off if you self-injected no less than 2x/week. Test cyp has a 7 day half-life, so at day 7 if you’re injecting 80mg/week you’re down to 40. The math is more complicated than that, of course, but I think KSman is spot on when he said that the later dose of adex is acting on diminished E2 levels due to your Test dosing schedule causing you to feel bad.

You can get a pill cutter from any drug store. They work well for cutting a 1mg adex pill in half. Cutting into quarters starts getting tricky.

Do you have current SHGB levels? Elevated androgen levels will lower SHGB. I think E2 is probably your main issue. I don’t have any experience with aromasin, but my suggestion would be to try follow this protocol the best you can before you start switching stuff all around and have to start over.