Any Long Term Users of TRT Here?

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Can anyone tell me, is it possible to come off TRT after being on long term?
I was told by a doctor that if shut down for any length of time that you had to stay on TRT for life?
Anyone know the truth surround this?


Read the stickies again regarding hcg Human chorionic gonadotropin.

Your body will shut down all natural production of testosterone with hormone replacement therapy.

If you decide to end the replacement therapy after shutting your natural production, your estrogen will ramp upwards affecting mood and libido. It would be a difficult time for four weeks to a couple of months until your body starts producing again on it’s own again. You will experience depression, chronic fatigue, declining sex drive, erectile dysfunction, difficulty sleeping and a decrease in lean muscle mass. But there are steps you can take…

Read the stickies!


cheers mate…
I know what happens when you come off, and I know what steps to take when coming off, and how to use PCT (post cycle therapy)
What I don’t know is, I have heard so many different theories surrounding coming off TRT. Whether its actually possible after being on long term…
But I keep hearing the same thing… If you are on TRT long enough, you will be shut down permanently and will never be able to live with out TRT…
I have also been told the length of time permanent shut down takes will differ from person to person…

Is this all true is what Im wondering??
Lets say I was on TRT for 1? or 2? or 3? 4? 5? 6? 7? etc years, whats the chance of being shut down for life and not being able to come off TRT???