Alex_uk: I've got more, time to give more

Haha don’t you use my words against me! I guess I am appreciating 45M for those aspects and that’s driven me to get 4 sessions done inside of a week, which is rare, but finding that I can be in and out of the gym in a very maximum of 45 mins (45M is very apt) means that I really do find more opportunities and less excuses, so in some ways yes some sort of mojo I guess.

As always huge props to Brian for his programming skills and how accessible he makes it. I watched the YouTube video (which gives it all anyway) then bought the ebook for $25 and it literally lays out every single day, no thinking required at all, which again just helps make it so accessible and takes another minor barrier to training out of the way.


@jdm135 might be interested in this as I know you have been struggling to fit everything in.

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Indeed at the moment I’m fitting 40 minutes:
10 min stairmaster
20 minutes of some kind of sweaty emom
1 mile run
Its densely packed work, gets ne in and out, and by tailoring the Emom its on target for the Spartan race I’m running in August.
Love Emoms in general, will have a look at Alsruhes latest!


Life gets less pleasant and my mental health took a little dive, making changes to improve this, one of those is making sure to get this done. (Doesn’t need discussing but putting it here for me).

45M w1 s5 (will repeat the whole week, but wanted to finish it):

Strength :

Bench 4rm:
60, 80, 90, 100, 110kg
Dragon flags: 4 x 5 sets


Bench: 80kg x 4 x 10 sets emom


10 mins emom:
Odd mins - DB Meadows row: 20kg x 8 e/s
Even mins: DB Inc 1 arm bench: 20kg x 8 e/s

That hit hard, lungs, pecs, sweat glands and balance on the 1 arm bench.


Rooting for you, mate!

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Cheers, always appreciate it.

Woke up naturally at 530, decided to do something, went sea swimming, didn’t stay in more than about 15 mins, but half an hour later and I’m still feeling it! Still good start to the day, swimming in the sea with the sun coming up over the cliffs, idyllic.


45M w1 d2

Ohp: 20, 40, 50, 60, 65, 67.5kg x 4
DB uppercuts: 10kg x 5 e/s every round

Ohp: 50kg x 4 x 10 rounds emom
Hanging leg raises: 3 each round

Hit 3 on the 10th round of ohp and failed a 4th, came back after hlr and did it, but didn’t have time for accessories, owe day 1 but time meant this was the right choice.


45M W1 D1

Deads - 60, 100, 120, 140kg x 3
LLP x 4 sets

Deads - 110kg x 3 x 10 sets emom

Gorilla rows - 20kg x 5 e/s
Reverse lunges: 20kg x 10 e/s

In a circuit max circuits in 10 mins - 3 circuits, I’d have enough time to do another if my lungs and legs weren’t so deconditioned, low hanging fruit.

Kept top set at 140kg didn’t feel great definitely didn’t want to push any heavier back was tender so lowered the volume, definitely the right call. I’m here to build consistency and stay injury free the rest will follow in time.

Jumped on the scales 196 and I do not look leaner, just skinnier, mea culpa, just need to rebuild and stay consistent!

Speaking of which I had less than zero desire to do this today, sat in the garage for 5 mins staring at the weights and considering selling them, did it and glad* I did but my legs are ruined from those lunges will be feeling those for days, pathetic!

*No discipline is enjoyable while it is happening—it’s painful! But afterward there will be a peaceful harvest of right living for those who are trained in this way. (Hebrews 12:11).


I like verses 12-13, as well:

Therefore lift your drooping hands and strengthen your weak knees, make straight paths for your feet, so that what is lame may not be put out of joint but rather be healed.

A little out of context, yes, but applicable nonetheless!

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Amen and happy birthday!

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That was the quickest like I think I’ve ever seen!

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45M W1 d3

“Light” functional focus

TBDL Farmers:
50m x 108kg x 6b runs, 68kg x 5 runs

4 x 10 sets

Teddy bear squats:
50kg sandbag x 6 x 10

Supposed to be done emom but did it with another fire fighter and so just went you go I go which pretty much worked out emom. The farmers were a first for me, started off pretty easy, it was over 25m ground so up turn and back, by set 5 I nearly threw up, paused for a 1 min and then dropped the weight, forearms were absolutely ruined (which showed up again in pull-ups and squats), did an extra set at 108kg because the other FFer did 6/4 and I took my rest in his 6th so wanted to match that.

Pull-ups were easy but my grip was toast and it was a wet scaffold pole, one set my forearms just died, I had this easy though.

Teddy bear squats are interesting, you can cheat them by letting the bag ride low, but the other FFer kept me pretty honest here.

Solid session, nice to train with someone else and those farmers were novel - they just made everything else hard! Grip gains for sure (and callous damage!)

Think I’ll switch day 4 and 5 so I can get on with day 5 (bench) and let my lower body rest a bit longer!