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Good shout on moving it here.

Feel this!

Yea to be fair I’ve had a few nights away here and there with extended family but those aren’t holidays in my mind, nice to get together and a break from the norm but not at all relaxing or refreshing, need a decent break for just me and my family!

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DC - B2

Started with 3 x each of these The End of Elbow Pain movements.

Wu: 10, 12.5kg X 10
Work: 15kg x 15, 8, 7 (30)
Stretch: 1 min

Really felt that in my bis (and forearms think they tend to dominate my bi work) and not too bad on elbows. Stretch felt good today, first time using straps, probably should have been listening to dusty and doing that from the beginning.

12.5kg x 12
Stretch: 1 min

First time that stretch felt on point, nearly tapped out early.

Well I had no ideas so:

Donkey calf raises:
60kg x 12 - 5/15

At least I beat it today, calf training is quite possibly my least favourite part of all of DC, in part because I never train my calves and I have no inclination to do so and in the other part its stupidly painful doing the DC method.

Wu: 40, 50, 60kg x 8
Work: 65kg x 15, 8, 6 (29)
Stretch: 1 min

Time to change this out, the rep quality wasn’t great towards the end either.

SSB banded squats:
60, 80, 80kg + b, r+b, p&r&b x 5
Work: 80kg + g+b+r x 8
Wm: 80kg + b&r x 20
Stretch: 1 min

That top set was serious, so much tension from those bands, stabilisation was very difficult, kept wondering if I’d get up but as soon as the band tension eased I could explode into the tension and just about grind the top out. Pouring with sweat and exertion headache - that’s before the WMer! The extra red band on the WMer just destroyed me, I think reps 17-20 were hard than 23-26 last week.

This works so well for getting to squat with a fragile back, the training effect feels massive, the systemic stress feels way less than regular squats.


Also morning weight 205.75 - I am over half way through another 1kg of PB.


I dabbled with some DC inspired rest/pause training back in 2019 after my shoulder surgery. If I recall correctly, I frankensteined a rest/pause 5/3/1 program and ended up using the DC methods to dictate weight and progression.

Strength continues to be a top priority for me as it seems to be fading. Do you feel like DC will help with top end strength or is it more for hypertrophy (I see you’re also eating a surplus) goals?

Sorry to hear this, but I’ve been there a time or two (first baby spoiled us!). Our youngest is in the middle of her terrible 2’s phase and it’s exhausting to take her anywhere. It’s a tough phase when her older siblings are finally trying to get involved in sports. My wife has missed my son’s first two machine pitch baseball games because they started at 7:30 and bedtime for the little one is usually around 6 or 6:30 on weekdays. It’s unfortunate we can’t all be at the games for him (and mama missed his first ever hit).

Our church advocates the mindset of “It’s just a phase” and reminds us how quickly they pass. I’m trying to enjoy the present and not get too focused on the future. That’s a good way to miss your life.


So awesome to hear that the banded squats are treating you well. They’re definitely the highlight of the training block for me.

If you’re still looking for calf training ideas, think about setting up that band SSB squat and then doing calf raises. Raises against bands: should be pretty gnarly.

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Hey Frank, great to see you dropping by.

I’d be pretty confident that top end strength has increased, I’m not doing any of the “standard” variations of the big 4, outside of ohp, but the rep ranges are low enough and the weights are increasing at a decent pace, the variations are close enough that I think all factors together means I’m getting stronger, plus I’m definitely getting significantly stronger in things I’d not focused on but are just solid movements - dips being the obvious example. I’m not back to all time highs on squat or deads, but reckon I’m close on Ohp and bench.

Very similar stage here, bit younger but this little one came to us with some complex care needs and some of the health assessments show high levels of neurodiversity (which was pretty clear before any assessments) it’s definitely been the most challenging placement we’ve had, hard during the day and even harder during the night, bed last night 1am, woke at 3, 4 and 5 then got up at 6.30am.

Yea this is difficult for sure, our kids are 14 and 11 and so the same thing, my eldest is on the athletics team and we missed the chance to go and see between work & toddler commitments, it’s pretty frustrating. Sorry to hear your wife missed that opportunity, but there will be other opportunities and other firsts to watch.

Very sage advice, I did make an off the cuff comment to my wife the other day, that I’m not enjoying life right now, it is just a phase, but my day job is the busiest I’ve ever had it, fire call outs seem to come at the most inconvenient times, any time the little one is sleeping or if I actually get a minute to rest, and this little one is challenging and the whole procedure around his future (courts, social services, assessments etc) is full on and it’s been over a year and we still don’t know where the little one will end up permanently - that was a longer rant than intended. All this to say it’s definitely important for me to remember this is just a phase.

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Yup they are fantastic, so nice to have a squat variation I can do that gives me a little reassurance/confidence that my back is “safer” might be placebo but I’m squatting, progressing, and not in pain so I’ll take it!

Sounds awful, I’m in.

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Took a pumped leg shot after squats the other day, legs have definitely been bigger in the past, but I feel like I’m in a reasonable place overall, closing in heaviest I’ve been in a long time and still got some outline of abs. Weight is up lifts are up, I’m not a million miles from all time highs in strength and overall condition, but I’m not training more than 3x a week and more often than not 2x with little physical activity outside of that. Previous bests in strength and physique were during Dark Horse doing 4x per week, something I’d like to get back to, but in the current phase of life it’s not the priority.


Impressive physique my man!

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Still looking pretty lean too mate. Nice work

Cheers @Koestrizer and @simo74 - I waver between thinking I’m in an ok spot for current place in life with stress and commitments, and feeling like I should look significantly better - I hope soon to have a shift in circumstance (should find out more this week/next) and if that comes off hopefully a little less stress and a little more free time. Either way I’ll probably never be 100% satisfied with the physique - so best to try and enjoy what I have in the here and now!


Update time.

Nearly 3 weeks since I’ve stepped inside the gym, life continues to be crazy, stepped on the scales yesterday - 201.75, not terrible considering how poor my diet has been.

Thoughts for the next steps: I bought 45 masters (Brian Alsruhe) the other day, that’ll be my next program. I’m not jumping back to DC right now, squeezing training in is proving increasingly difficult and not hitting all 3 of the DC sessions each week is definitely short changing the program and me.

I’m hoping that doing shorter sessions might make it more viable - this remains to be proven, but a change of program might be good for me.

I’ve started improving diet already, because that’s just sensible.


45M w1 D1

A) Deads: 60 x 8, 100, 120, 140kg x 3
B) Long lever plank (LLP): some time x 4

Deads: 120kg x 3 x 10 mins

Assistance circuit:

5 gorilla rows - 20kg
5* lunges - 20kg

Amrap in 10 mins. 4 rounds - 10 mins 30 secs.

  • Lunges were supposed to be 10 each side, my lack of capacity in my legs and my conditioning (plus wanting to surf today and tomorrow) had me drop the reps here, LLP is supposed to be 40 secs I’d doubt I’m above 15 secs right now, not because I’m cutting is short either.

Brian is a mad genius. This is 35 mins of work, I’m ruined.

Deadlift felt solid today, had the queue to push the floor away in my mind and then got the lats squeezing oranges and it was good, was tempted to go 160kg, but my back was feeling this already, in a good way, but I didn’t want form to slip, so called it at 140kg, will really try and keep this mentality I’m in no rush, not competing, I can build up slow and just practice good reps, glutes are also lit up, great sign (and probably the reverse lunges predominantly but definitely activated them during deads).

Anyone else get this from deadlifts:

Weight - no idea and I’m not going to track it for a while, my sole focus is just building consistency within the chaos (life). Food is solid choices with some crap each day, but mainly meat, eggs, cheese and protein powder.


I’m excited to see how this goes: was curious about Brian’s program here.

I DO get that from high volume conventional deads. It’s from the forearms rubbing against the knees/knee sleeves over the course of a ton of reps, especially in sweaty conditions.

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Yes and from sandbag and stones. Guessing you were gripping pretty hard

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45m W1 D2 upper

Ohp 4 reps: 20, 40, 50*, 60, 65kg x 4
Plate uppercuts: 10kg x 5 x 5 sets

*Got lost in my own head and did 5.
Got to 60, almost called it there, but didn’t feel like I’d pushed hard enough, 65kg was solid, no more needed after that.

Ohp 4 reps - emom 10 mins
45kg x 4 x 10

Went 70% just for plate maths (70-75% recommendation, but 3-4 reps so chose 4) probably a little too easy, so more weight and/or ab work in-between.

5 rounds of
30 secs DB strict press - 10kg x 3 rounds, 7.5kg x 2 rounds
30 secs DB waiter marches (in place) - 10kg x 3 rounds, 7.5kg x 2 rounds
30 secs Cable face pulls - 5kg x 3 rounds, 2.5kg x 2 rounds
30 secs rest

Another session done, knew this would be the easiest session and it felt like it until the assistance then it felt like shoulder murder (in a good way?) I almost dropped out after round 3 but decided it would be better to drop weight and finish it.

Didn’t time the session but it was pretty quick, got it in between meetings and travel.


@simo74 and @T3hPwnisher

Thanks, I assumed that others did, just wanted to check I wasn’t doing something wrong that led to this, that might have been an easy fix, I don’t mind it’s not painful - maybe I’ll get forearm callouses eventually!

Random thing, managed to get 2 surf sessions in over Friday and Saturday - a real joy for me for my daughter to want to do something I used to do before kids, this enables me to do it again and spend quality time with her, I’m still awful at surfing. Anyway the random thing is that I no longer eat carbs before surfing - if I do I go hypoglycemic when I come out, but if I just eat 6 eggs and cheese I’m fine, I’ve started adding a post surf shake in as well (anabolic surfing window, right?!). Anyway it makes sense but just interesting how much more sensitive I am to these things as I get older.

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45M w1 d3

Light functional day

“farmers” - TBDL and walk forward 5 faces walk backwards 5 paces - 68kg warm-up.

108kg x 30 secs, 30 secs rest
108kg x 20 secs, 40 secs rest

Hips, traps, lats and grip all lit up, wasn’t expecting that weight to be the one I went with but it felt heavy, and it certainly challenged me, I dropped 10 secs off the work to complete.

With my lats already feeling it:

Wgpu x 4 x 10 mins emom

Pleasantly easy, will add the additional work next time.

Teddy bear squats to “low box” (4 bumper plates)
50kg sandbag x 5 x 10 mins emom.

Thought this session was pleasant for a Alsruhe program, teddy bears emom finisher fixed that.

Short sharp between meetings session, only problem is I don’t think I’ll stop pouring sweat by the next meeting.


45M w1 d4

Lower light

5rm SSB front squat
60, 80, 100, 110kg x 5

S/s hollow rocks x 10 x 4 sets

Program called for 25 hollow rocks but I have no idea what I’m doing here, 10 was enough.

SSB front squat
70kg x 5 x 10 sets emom


Bulgarians x 5 e/s emom 10 mins

BW because I have nothing left in my legs after the volume work, had to Hatfield this just for balance as well.

Always going to be a rough day, but appreciate the brevity and challenge. Legs and lungs on fire DOMs is imminent.


And you said you didn’t have your mojo back… Looks pretty spot-on to me!

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