Age 45, 3rd Pin and Still Not Feeling Different

Please include lab ranges as it’s not standardized, numbers are pretty useless by themselves. TRT isn’t like medicine where you feel an instant high, hormones take time. You will likely experience in a week or so a complete shutdown of your HPTA and once this happens you’ll feel run down and it will likely take a couple of month to feel the effects of TRT. Most refer to it as the honeymoon period that lasts anywhere from days to weeks followed by feeling horribly fatigued, 3 weeks is nothing as your still far too early in treatment to notice anything. It takes most 3-6 months to start feeling better. What is your mg? Example 100mg .5ml is 50mg. I noticed you didn’t have SHBG tested, a lot of inexperienced doctors fail to run these tests, knowing your SHBG would indicate what type of protocol would work best for you.

If your SHBG was on the high side you would require large injections weekly to twice weekly, low SHBG and you would need injection preferably every other day (EOD). SHBG is what determines how much free testosterone (bioavailable) you have floating around in your blood, FT acts on the receptors and provides the life change qualities like increased muscle mass and libido. Too low SHBG and your excreting most of your FT into your urine, too high and all your FT is bound up unavailable. TSH is too high, using a oral thermometer check your morning and afternoon temperatures, this is the most effective tool in diagnosing thyroid problems, better than any blood test.

You need to become more informed than your doctor’s, most just don’t know much on how to properly administer TRT. Doctors aren’t god in a lab coat, their flawed just like everyone else. It took me 6 months to start feeling great, I used to have weeks where I’d feel great, then weeks where I felt not so great, now it’s hours by hours slowly working it’s way to permanent. These are hormones, it’s not like taking headache medicine and 30 minutes later feel better, it takes time often months. There’s a lot of diseases associated below 400 ng/dL, libido and erections are in trouble in the 400 range. Diabetes, venous leakage and heart disease happen below 440 ng/dL, you absolutely didn’t jump the gun! Our president has higher testosterone levels (441 ng/dL) than you, he’s 71 year old. Google it.