Advice on Isometric Exercises: Going Out of Town While On Mag-10

I will be going out of town during my recovery phase of MAG-10. And I will not have access to a gym. I really don’t want to ruin my gains by not working out at all. I will be skiing so legs are taken care of. I have some ideas but need more.


Think Renegade Training and Combat Conditioning: pushups, chins (w or w/o a towel), handstand pushups, etc. Also, think Ian King for leg exercises. He has many that can be done without weight in his “Limping” series. Check out the other articles for more ideas for upper body stuff.

Do you have access to a dumbell? (30-50 lbs)…if so you can get a total body kick-ass workout and then some.

I can get one… what do you have in mind?

Well you can do all the Ian Kings first series bodyweight exercises for legs. With the dumbell you can do all sorts of upper body movements. Are you familiar with any of the kettlebell type workouts?

Ever heard of Powerblocks? They’re pretty much stand-alone, adjustable dumbells. I believe they only cost $170 or so, and go up to 50lbs. It’s the only thing I asked for, for X-mas. (Yes, I’m 23, but X-mas still kicks ass. =)
Beyond simple exercises, try posing for a half hour every day. The isometrics of posing should help you get more definition. You’ll really be able to concentrate on your arms for a couple weekds with some dumbells.

Sissy squats, go slow and go deep. They hurt, but your poundages will be up when you get back. Follow with 8 point bodybuilders, trying for about 12-15 reps per minute. Go slow on the pushup segment, maybe 404, and just do as many as you can. Do this every other day, and you will not lose any muscle over a one or two week period. I used to travel a lot, and this works, as well as not taking a lot of time.

Do Handstand pushups, one arm pushups, one legged squats, and janda situps and you are all set.