AAS With History of Hepatitis?

need some help, i had hepatitis when i was about 4 years old(i’m 30), can you guys please tell me what kinds of steroids should i be looking for (bulking), (if any), just tell me where i should be looking, or what i should be looking for?, any help will be appreciated…thnx

Was or is it a viral form of hepatitis? If your answer is yes, I wouldn’t touch any AAS unless you want to shave quite a few years off of your life.

thanx for the reply, so then if i stay away for the 17aa , i should b fine?

i no next to nothing about juice but i am a medical student

all i would say is get your blood test done see if your liver is funactioning fine before you start anything

If you had hep A there shouldnt be a problem

if it was hep B you should be sorted by now

if it was hep C you had/will still have i wouldnt drink/smoke/drugs or ASS of anykind.

But get tets done and find out what type of hep you had before you do any steroid especially not a 17 aa.

hope this helps