$600,000 Football Stadium

The Pontiac Silverdome sold for $583,000. It includes the stadium, the 128 acres beneath it, plus another half acre for a sign. I just can’t believe it sold for that little. There are some residential parking spaces that’ve sold for hundreds of thousands, and this property sells for little more than that. Just a few years ago this was about the average price of a house in San Diego.

I have to wonder what this Apostolopoulos guy is thinking. Surely he can’t have seriously expected to have had any chance at winning the auction for this property.

Contrast that to the sale of a Titian painting at auction this year. The painting, “Diana and Actaeon” sold for a whopping $70.6 million!

I guess inherent value applies to damn near everything.

For $70.6 million I’d want more hooters than that.

[quote]Bill Roberts wrote:
For $70.6 million I’d want more hooters than that.[/quote]

Mr. Roberts, I thought you were already ‘The Man’, but this solidifies that.