6 week blood test - advice opinions please

Hi guys, been on for 6 weeks now. Weight is up 13lbs and still as lean as the start if not slightly leaner however weight gain has now stalled.

130 Test prop eod
0.25 adex eod
250ius hcg e3d

So everything was optimal except i wasnt too impressed with my test levels.

Before cycle blood levels
test - 17 (reference range 8-29)


6 week blood levels
test - 52 (8-29)

So thats 3 times my normal level however shouldnt it be more like 4 -5 times that? Is my gear under dosed? If im correct than 52 converted into ng/dl comes to about 1500 - which from what ive read everywhere should be more around 3000 - 4000?

No not really. Your only using 510mg on your heavy weeks and 390mg on your lighter weeks which averages to only 455mg a week. Take into consideration ester weight your looking at pretty much exactly the same of you were running 500mg of Test E. Most guys will only get 2000ng/dl from this some may not even get that some maybe just a little more. 3000-4000ng/dl is gonna take a close to full gram if not more to hit the 4000ng mark. @ 2000mg I came back 5300+ but that’s on literally 4 times what your on. So where your at may not seem ungodly high but your levels increased by over 300% on just 500mg of test. That’s pretty damn significant.

9/10 I have found that if your not growing at a rate your happy with then it is because your eating, training, sleeping, or any combination of the above is out of wack and that’s your main culprit. Just because your on drugs does not mean your going to just grow if all is not there. I am the same way. I don’t have a problem eating clean but eating more than 2500 calories in a day is a huge accomplishment for me. I hate eating I dont know why but I fucking loathe almost every meal. I am on alot of gear and my strength gains are amazing and still climbing weekly but, my size gains have all but stalled at around 215lbs due to the fact that I just can’t force 4000+ calories down my throat.

I see it all the time guys come to me to trying to figure out how or where to get stuff and then they wind up running 700mg of Test and some Dbol and gain 10lbs…10lbs and then lose 15lbs when they stop all because they were idiots and didn’t have everything else in place that needed to be in order to succeed.

I say this to put into perspective you should look at every thing else before you start blaming the gear for your lack of results when your levels have more than tripled and you have proof of this.

Thanks for your response reed. Im not disappointed with my gains really per say as i feel at least thus far they look like very solid clean gains as my bf seems the same if not a bit lower and I’m not holding any real water weight either. My workouts are good and my diet is on point day in day out. However if my levels are as they should be then thats good. Ive been meaning to up my calories but was a bit hesitant since i wasnt sure if my gear was properly dosed.

I’d say your gear is probably ok to go man. 13lbs of lean gains in 6 weeks would not come from bunk gear I promise.

Sounds good, thanks a lot brother