3rd Cycle

[quote]serial_lifter wrote:
Oh and the T-400 is 50 prob/ 175 cyp/ 175 enanthate. Because of the prop ester I’m pinning EOD. I know t-400 isn’t ideal but it’s cheap so I went for it. I plan on mixing it with bac oil and doing smaller multiple pins to prevent post injection pain.

Well I’m glad to see that I’m on the right track but if anyone has any pointers or could help that be cool thanks [/quote]

…i always push these links from T Replacement forum because they have such complete information and early on you tend to forget some of it. memorize it. print it out and keep it in your bathroom library:

off the subject… how long does mail usually take to get from british columbia to say middle of united states, 9-10 days or faster? i bought some xbox items and they have not arrived, and it seems like in the past when i sold something on ebay it was about 10 days for mail to get into canada.